The Royals cost you 62p last year

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Yes - and bring on King Charles

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  2. No - The British Republic is long overdue

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  1. Yes - when people say it should be going into the health service my reply always is; "what? so they can buy you half a pack of asprin?"

    As a rule I don't like the minor royals - even though they're not officially funded by the public, but you can't help but hold the queen in some affection (especially those serving/ex-serving) and at least the two lads seem to be doing something worthwhile with their lives now :D
  2. Absolute bargain. Got the equivalent cost of Prescott?
  3. FrenchPerson how much does ole Jaque cost you's a lot I would guess :eek:

    Monarchy is a wonderful thing unlike the heathens and commoners that rise
    to power in Republics. :eek:

    Plus I would say a President especially one like Blair and Bush would cost 10 x
    more than Her Majesty.
  4. What happens if that half a pack of aspirin was the only thing from saving you from having a stroke? Would you still it rather went to the royals?

    Also 62 pence times what 20 million tax payers is a heck of a lot of money unless you are kept by Russian oligarch or something!
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Rather them then some bloody MP. If anything, i wouldn't mind paying a bit more!
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Yes. Unreservedly.
  7. Yeah x20million is a lot, but divided by 60million it's not much etc etc... it works both ways. Chances of a single packet of asprin stopping you from having a stroke? Every single person could think of one way to save 62p in one year (one can of coke or something), but the contribution to tourism, the view of Britain abroad etc have to be well worth it.
  8. Then sir I salute, your love of pomp and German in breds! :wink:
  9. 20 million towards dentistry within the NHS would benifit the average person alot more than the royal family.
  10. I'll pay 62p to keep the monarchy. Especially since the Queen has the power to keep parliament in check in the event of an 'Empowerment act' situation.

    Castlereagh, they were born here. They are British.
  11. Where the heck do you shop, a can of coke 62 pence?

    Admit it you have a secret man crush on Prince Edward ..... Phillip I would understand but Edward, never!
  12. The Royals bring so much money to the country by tourism if we didn't have them their would be no Septics or Japs roaming the country. I long the day to Say 'for King and Country' when the Queen steps down.
  13. That 62 pence is only one half of the equation. This is probably difficult to quantify, but what do the Royal family bring in, in terms of tourist revenue? Do the royals cost us anything??

    There are people in industry who will tell you that the Royal Yacht made a profit for Great Britain plc. It was taken out of service because envy is the engine of socialism and we currently have a socialist government.
  14. hmmmm, I'm pretty sure, and I would argue that people would still visit the British Isle's, even if there were no Royal family.