The Royal Yeomanry

Say_again im RMLY i thought i was the only one on here. Ive sent you a pm so check your inbox
stabandswat said:
Forgive my ignorance but what do the Yeomanry do? No insult intended there btw.
Swan about the training area wearing cravats and drinking pink gin I belive

ohhh Dr Evil will have me for that one :twisted:
I spent 21 years with The Royal Yeomanry, albeit as part of the LAD. I left last year after 24 years TA service and a tour of the sandpit (Op Telic No Number) under my belt. 8)
I am, as befits someone of twisted swagger and dashing mind, a Royal Yeoman.

The RY site on has already been linked to. It's deliberately spartan, so that punters with modems can look at the fecker without croaking of old age first. For more detailed info on what the regiment actually does, check out (describes W Sqn RY but much of the content is generally applicable to the rest of the regiment).

This advert has been brought to you by Tanqueray, official gin of the Royal Yeomanry.
yeoman said:
Yes they are.

For yeomanry ARRSers look up the flame fest that was the capbadge debate.

Dr Evil

Are you correctly dressed?
This sounds awfully like 'Dr. Evil, what are you wearing?' in disguise. Watch your back Dr. Evil, there may be ARRSE flirting going on here!
The Queens Own Yeomanry - armoured recce, much more fun.

And to be honest, the RY were never really the same after the North Irish Horse left them............... :p
No its not Arrse Banditry, just a genuine concern for Dr Evil and all other Royal Yeomen at ERE.

The new dress regs came in on Sept 1st, with the adoption of the new cap badge. Any one wearing an old capbadge after this date is in line for muchos drinks purchasing.

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