The Royal Wedding Pre-Party????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by gallowglass, Apr 12, 2011.

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  1. Stumbled upon this oddity earlier today.

    This fellow is apparently hosting (or otherwise is involved in) this event, which I have to say strikes me as even more crass and kitsch than the usual avalanche of mugs and tea towels which accompany royal weddings.

    Would it come as a shock and surprise to learn that he had attended the Russian Summer Ball? He has quite a presence on the internet if anyone is of a mind to see what this oddly-named fellow looks like...
  2. Royal Wedding.jpg

    A pint, a bowl of peanuts & all you can eat of pork scratchings. :? Seems like fair value for a wild night on the town... ;-) :cool:
  3. His wiki entry looks like it was written by himself, in the way that McIlwraith wrote his, but a quick check reveals that he was indeed consulted by the Commons select ctte on Public Affairs, and he appears to be an associate of Guy Stair Sainty.
  4. Howdo JP,

    It does seem that this fellow is 'legit' in these respects.....however, I've made some enquiries and it so happens that he pals around with some people in London I know of (I emphasise 'know of' as opposed to 'know'). This fact alone would give me cause for concern, coupled with what I have heard of certain aspects of his character and behaviour.

    In light of his work in the area of genealogy/heraldry, I find his involvement with this 'Royal Wedding Pre-Party' quite extraordinary.