The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sazzz, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. Down your drink every time you have dirty thoughts about the bride?

    Could get messy...
  2. The amount of people getting alcohol poisoning would skyrocket!
  3. For me to be enrolled in any sort of Royal Wedding drinking game, I would have to be sad enough to actually turn the TV on to watch it! Fuck that. I've got better shit to do in my time.

    The only way you'd catch me tuning in is if the bride to be has promised to smother her freshly waxed gash in peanut butter for the corgis to have a go.
  4. I dont need the TV on to have dirty thoughts about Kate Middleton
  5. Just a good copy of Hello magazine.

    A shot every time someone refers to Harry as james hewitts love child. This could be a block move by a wily participant to get the bints hammered
  6. Someone actually needs to make up an official list of rules and stick them up! Some of the ones on Facebook are rather concerning.
  7. There is an official list on the site. Go to info, the click "see more"/"read more"; whatever it is under the bullshit disclaimer.
  8. Anyone know the address of a decent fancy dress shop that has corgi costumes?
  9. Or any way to become the Royal penut butter or wax specialist ?
  10. Yeah but they are a bit shit and no doubt going to be tainted by the anarchists....ohh another one, A shot for every time someone withing a five mile vicintiy throws a molotov cocktail at symbols of the establisment.
  11. to get extra specially blootered play the 'god save the queen' drinking game at the same time.

    and a shot any time the bride is compared to diana.
  12. Or is refered to as waity katie
  13. or has reference to her "humble upbringing" raised
  14. Right we need to write up these rules , mums designated driver for the street party so im good to participate

    A shot or two fingers for any of the following
    1. Reference to waity katie or her humble upbringing
    2. Everytime the bride is compared to Diana
    errrrrmm well its a start