The Royal We

some years ago my wife and I went upto the Mountains near fort william in Scotland. On route it started to rain very very heavily and sadly we attained a flat tyre. My wife said: "Its no good Steve, we'll have to fix it."

I thought, hhhmmm, she's right we will.

Anyway, I got out of the car and started to jack the car up and change the tyre. The rain was thrashing down on me and I was soaked to the skin.

Suddenly I heard my wife say: "Have you finished yet?"

I paused for a moment with water dripping down my face and looked at her as she peered out of the window.

"What did you mean when you said, We'll have to change it?" I asked her.

She smiled and replied. "I meant YOU."

We now call that type of scenario, The Royal We. It means ME or YOU if you're a man and your wife is calling the shots.

Since then I've told her, if she doesn't help me with stuff like this, she can wash the pots herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stand firm, Steve.

Not that it'll make any difference. Stand to firm and she'll kill you with a frying pan, and let it roll over you and she claims you're no man ata all.

Buggered either way, really.
This is so true. Just like my current squeeze saying. Can you "Help me" fit a new bath. Which actually means.

"I'm too skint to pay to get my bath fitted. Can you spend your rest days doing it and i'll put out"

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