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Today I was at The Royal Scots Club to help celebrate its centenary with a book on the Club launched by HRH The Princess Royal.

The Princess Royal launches The Royal Scots Club centenary year

The Club is unique and was set up as a memorial to the 11,162 officers, NCOs and Men of the Regiment who were killed in WW1. The man with the idea for this club was a Royal Scots officer, Colonel Lord Henry Scott, younger son of the Duke of Buccleuch whose thinking behind it was
Lord Henry realised that it was not necessary to be of noble birth to be a gentleman, and he raised money to create a gentleman’s club in Edinburgh for all ranks. Around 12,000 members of the regiment died in the First World War.
The Club was and still is an all ranks gentleman's club in the centre of Edinburgh.

Princess Anne spent quite some time talking to members and in keeping with the anonymity of this site you can see my right shoulder in the last photo in that article. :D

It may be of interest to note that as the founders were setting up the Club as a memorial to the fallen of WW1, we still had a battalion on active service in N Russia!

A good day and an excellent memorial to a Memorial Club.

Up The Royals!
I've been a member for over twenty-five years, although I rarely attend... was discovering that the affiliated club in Kuala Lumpur was the Royal Selangor Club. Great, thought I, we're there for a couple of weeks, I'll sort out the introduction cards and take my team-mate (then girlfriend, now wife) out for a meal.

So, we head in for lunch (dressed appropriately), to discover that this is the local Seriously Exclusive Club, wait years to join, rows of Bentleys and Royces parked up outside. Eeek, time to switch into Polite Mode. Lovely lunch, hadn't quite realised that it's bang in the middle of KL.

Then mention to our (terribly terribly) team manager that we'd been there for lunch, to see him choke slightly with a somewhat envious "how the f*** did you manage that?"...

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