The Royal Regiment Of Scotland

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by craigcl1, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. joining The Royal Regiment Of Scotland and i'm just looking for some info on what the regiment is like from guys that have served in/with any of the 5 battalions. I've listed 1 Scots (local bn) and 4 scots (armoured role interests me) as my preferences but understand it will come down to Op requirements. Some last minute words of wisdom would be appreciated!
  2. *crickets* one?
  3. You will end up where you are needed due to op req.
  4. yea you will be posted to where you are needed..unless you have family connections or some other reason that the regimental shepard would allow you to goto your 1st choice..i wanted 5 scots but as i dont have connections to it i will most likely get 3 scots as there on tour next winter and they need most of the manpower
  5. Should'nt it be:

    I'm joining the Royal Scottish Borderers, 1st Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland

    as there is No RS/KOSB anymore?

    The only wise words of wisdom from a former Scots Div you'll need: Listen, Learn and watch
  6. my mistake,fixed original question, I meant royal regiment of scotland not royal scots,thanks for the advice mostly what I've been told so far,head down arse up,listen in.

    chris and RMA cheers for the reply but as I put in my post I knew it would come to op requirement which battalion I will go to if I complete training,I was looking more for an overview of the regiment from guys who've had experience in/with any of the 5 battalions.My bone wording didnt quite put that across very well.
  7. Have direct experience of this recently. A lot of our guys wanted 1 & 2 SCOTS but the bulk of us got 4 SCOTS due to operational requirements (BCRs), so Germany bound come the summer :) "Golden thread" is virtually dead as well so don't think having family in your chosen battalion will guarantee you your choice as a few of our guys found out.

    Half of the guys in the training platoon behind us are getting 3 SCOTS due to their up & coming tour as well. Personally I'd take Germany over Inverness anytime, it's only open for another few years so nice to experience it before we all get relocated back to the UK.