The Royal Navy 1793-1800

The Royal Navy 1793-1800


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The Royal Navy 1793-1800 - The RN rises to the challenge of the newborn French Republic; to glory we steered.

Considering the short length of the book (159 pp) this is an incredibly detailed look at the Royal Navy rising to the challenge of the French Revolutionary War, a war we did not choose. All manner of aspects are studied - shipbuilding and repair, armament, manning, life on board a wooden wall, victualling etc. Jessop usefully reminds us of the way the naval war impacted the lives of people far removed from actual sea service, in farm and forest and manufactory. We see how the naval war...
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I have a book from my childhood, "The Royal Navy in old photographs", its an interesting book with sail and stem shown, Ironclads, dreadnoughts etc. I should dig it out and do a review.

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