The Royal Marines amphibious role ?

I want FCF/LSS to work - it's bold, it's right for the UK, it's exciting for the Corps.

But my goodness they've been left hanging now that Gavlar is gone. It's devolved into a classic procurement process, where getting approval for anything is an indeterminate round of notes and delayed decisions.

Can't help but feel the Corps is about to do a Wily E Coyote and suddenly realise the presence of gravity.

Meep meep.
Sadly, it's a case of starting from the wrong point. If you start from a perspective of Surflot & WAFU need billets, how can we make Royal reduce to fill them, it ain't going to end well. That's a different place to "we want Royal to do this what do we need?"

All coupled with an expectation ( intended or not) that it'll somehow be cost neutral because it theoretically means no LPD replacement.

ETA : It also leaves Royal holding a mish- mash of roles (CASD security, maritime security and...??????) As opposed to a coherent raison d'etre such as (limited) forced entry.
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