The Royal Marine Commandos

Try the booty section in Rum Ration, Marines aren't part of the Army.
Role : As a whole I believe the marines are still classed as amphibious assualt infantry and more relevantly in todays climate mountain warfare/arctic warfare troops.


Should be a easy presentation 20 mins on waving white flag, then 20 mins on how to sell your story. Job Done.
No wonder the poor bloke lost, she rocks up with 10 arms and a fcuking lion!!!!

On the down side for her, it must take her ages to do her nails.
wasn't that actualy the RE?
No, it was actually RA.

FFS....I'm sure this is a WAH for clubby not knowing the RM are Navy and for not have the effing brain cells to youtube that clip.

Signals.......pah! :roll:
Sorry don't have any experience in wavying white flags or selling my stories to the papers.

Clubby85 said:
Or any other pics, funny or serious?


What about this one. It was taken at the Manchester gay pride march. The army sent a detachment to march in uniform, including Warrant Officer Lutha Magloire, seen below on the right.

I'm not sure who the bloke on the left is. Is that some sort of tropical mess kit he's wearing?

Clubby85 said:

Sorry for taking up space on your infantry section as I am unfortunately in the Signals[/b].(Would that be the Royal Corps of Signals or Royal Signals or the LofF Signals)

But I've just been given a task to prepare a 20 - 40min presentation on:-

The Royal Marine Commandos
Including -
*All Arms selection course
*Role (Unit and Individual)

Please someone help by giving me some information or pointing me in the right direction.

My bold - And this little gem taken from the Sigs forum

One of my mates has also got a presentation and is struggling to find information on 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron.

Including information on:-

*The History
*Role of Unit and individual
*Selection Course




Anybody else smelling something.............

Lets start you off anyway


PS: 20-40 Mins for the bootys is fine if you are talking at 500 WPM.

This has to be a Wah.

Infantry thread - "tell me about the Royal Marines"
Sigs thread - "tell me about 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron"

Oh yeah, and just to wind the scalies up - "I am unfortunately in the Signals." C0ck.
Clubby85 said:
Gentlesoul....I can't get it off youtube on a work computer, hoping to find someone who has it on their work comp as a funny or something.

And I realise that it wasn't actually the marines that did the landing, but who else that i'm doing the presentation to will know.

And yes I know that they are classed as navy, but they are also classed as "amphibious assualt infantry".

So any sensible ideas? Haha
Well that promises to be a top notch presentation then, leading your audience to make false assumptions. Spleen.
Clubby85 said:
It's just a crap presentation for about 6 people we work with.

No-one cares, it's just a funny clip for the end of the presentation, not going to stand there and talk about the clip am I!
(My Bold.) Sounds great :roll:
Perhaps you could do another presentation on how not to research a subject?
Bellend said:
But due to the combined IQ of everyone replying being that of a mongoose's arse I don't think I've accomplished much.

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