The Royal Marine Commandos

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Clubby85, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Try the booty section in Rum Ration, Marines aren't part of the Army.
  2. Try phoning the Royal Signals Instructor at Lympstone in the SCTC.
  3. Role : As a whole I believe the marines are still classed as amphibious assualt infantry and more relevantly in todays climate mountain warfare/arctic warfare troops.
  4. They are also classed at Elite Roll Mat Fighter's & bum shagger's
  5. Should be a easy presentation 20 mins on waving white flag, then 20 mins on how to sell your story. Job Done.
  6. Your missed out the 'naked' in the above - take five extras... :wink:
  7. No wonder the poor bloke lost, she rocks up with 10 arms and a fcuking lion!!!!

    On the down side for her, it must take her ages to do her nails.
  8. Come on then, pray tell of your extensive experience, we really can't wait :roll:
  9. wasn't that actualy the RE?
  10. No, it was actually RA.

    FFS....I'm sure this is a WAH for clubby not knowing the RM are Navy and for not have the effing brain cells to youtube that clip.

    Signals.......pah! :roll:
  11. Sorry don't have any experience in wavying white flags or selling my stories to the papers.

  12. Dont seem to have much experiance full stop.

    You should try reading your signature T4U2
  13. There is a limit that even i wouldn't sink to.