The Royal Logistics (sic) Corps Tentpegging Association

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. Just found this on YouTube. Sounds absolutely riveting. Quick everyone sign up for the one day’s pay scheme!
  2. Your Major Pucky aren't you FP? Come on own up admit it you sado.

    oops, bollox, persec, damn!
  3. Indeed FP, i am in total agreement (for once!!)

    I believe the british ladies tentpegging team visited South Africa last year for the 'Ladies World Tent-pegging Championships'.

    Ahem, made up of a gang of jolly hockey sticked female officers, one of whom appears in the you tube vid.

    An absolute scam, makes me feel ashamed to be part of the Officer Corps when i think how i've scrimped and saved and begged for genuine 'hard-core' adventure training activities money being thrown at the pointless (officer-jolly) activites.
  4. Oh lord.... take me now and end this vale of tears....... on the one hand we have film of troopies scuttling up Everest, jumping out of servicable aircraft whilst wearing shell suits that even a Bulgarian asylum seeker would reject and other positive images.......and then we have this. If ever you wanted to reinforce peoples stereotypical misconceptions, it would be by having an officer-heavy bunch of pig stickers. Even trotting out the culturally sensitive young Cpl could be seen as a bit of right on heavy-handed cynicism.
  5. I couldn't possibly be on this video for you see (call it flair or whatever) I always tuck the cross strap of my Sam Browne under my lapel!

    I didn’t realise that its because the RLC was new that we’ve never fielded a tentpegging team! I bet the lads of the forming Corps were itching to have a go but some mysterious circumstances forbade them. Perhaps during the days of the WRAC this didn’t happen as tentpegging is apparently the only sport that males and females can compete together on an open field.

    One thing that the video does not explain though is how “costs are kept to a minimum;” no doubt hiring horses from a film Horse Company is a lot cheaper than one would think.
  6. I miss read and thought it was about teabagging, or does that come in later?????
  7. Why havnt we seen a tentpegging display at the Corps weekend?
    I must insist that there is one included this year.
  8. Bloody hell! I work that young sensitve Corporal!! I shall be grilling him tomorrow on the finer points of tent pegging. :lol:
  9. You 'work him' ???

    I thought that was outlawed 200 years ago??? :)
  10. I bet he doesnt broadcast his weekend activities in the screws mess!
  11. Oops, there I go eating my words again :roll:

    I think that tentpegging should've been outlawed 200 years ago! :)
  12. I love they way they had to justify its existence by referring to the skill and all that trot required.
  13. Couldn't agree with FP more everyone should be part of the one day's pay scheme.

    Goon Bde, how many times have you been "Knocked Back" for "Genuine Hard Core" activities?

    You pay your money you take your chances, never had cash for Adv Trg but have seen several Mess improvements from One Day's Pay Scheme, know a lot of bods that have benefited from this scheme, there must be an audit/list out there of where the cash goes.

    No I am not a tent pegger 8O
  14. But do you own a stripy stable belt jumper? Methinks so!

    I initially thought that funding this nonsense was a ploy to divert attention from the Silver Stars (one of my former bugbears) but fuck me, just checked the Web Site and they are a whopping 85% RLC. Huzzar!
  15. :? Or are you referring to the ever popular Blazer in Corps Colours? Have you been peaking in my wardrobe!?

    As with any general fund there will always be certain allocations that people will not be happy with. I had my monies worth just by going to dinner with the Chelsea Pensioners last year, prior to that I have happily sponsored several Corps teams/tours/Adv Trg/ New Chesterfields etc for the good and benefit of the Corps, probably even gave some cash to ex serving who have fell on hard times.

    Why not address your grievences to the Regimental Treasurers office? :) :wink: