The Royal Irish Rangers

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Jun 28, 2005.

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  1. Go ahead lads - knock yourselves out! Or each other - I don't care! 8)

    For example - will you be retitled Royal Irish Regiment?

    Where will your new strength be found and where will you put them?

    Are all RIR members racist bigots who should serve time?

    It will be interesting to see what goes on in a TA Bn that can't train in it's own country.
  2. hahahahahaha ok rascist bigots? dont ALL TA units have at least one?
    we do MOST of our training in "our own Country" and I dont believe we will be retitled, it was bandied about around 9-10 years ago but nothing came of it. I dont think most Rangers would want to be Royal Irish Regiment, and it would only be for one reason, the Royal Irish Regiment (HSPT) are regular soldiers on a part time contract and we are TA soldiers on TA contracts, they have a home security role and we dont. It could/may lead to people being confused about who we are and what we do and possibly lead to more targetting of Royal Irish Ranger personnel (at the moment we are not targetted by terrorists, thats what 107 BDE say so it must be true!!)


    ps of course if I'm talking outta ma hoop just say so :lol:
  3. Dont let any unionist politician near the TA or The Rangers everything they touch turns to sh1t.
  4. hahahahahahahah your right! but we arn't nearly sexy enough for Unionist politicians to be interested :)
  5. FAB - what do you mean by your own country? Do you train in Northern Ireland or do you still fly over to GB? I don't think Uncle Gerry and his mates would care what 107 Bde think!

    Yes, bigots are in all units but generally in my area that went the way of the Dodo with the amount of ethnic squaddies on the books in the last 15 years or so.
  6. I think you just had a Gareth moment there, dear boy.
  7. Gareth? please explain
  8. The TA do train in NIreland.
  9. just got the Gareth bit - yes, he is a prize nobber but we had someone just like him! :oops:

    I meant to say we are well recruited by all aspects of society and that working hard and sharing the misfortunes of wet and soggy exercises together makes you understand our neighbours rather than despise them.

    Black Rain - is it outside training or more like a TEWT?
  10. The Great Outdoors. Magilligan Co Derry/LDerry and Ballykinlar Co Down.
  12. excellent - I heard (from a Ranger) that you only trained outdoors in Scotland.
  13. Scotland and other parts of Britain, but they also train back in NI.
  14. Don't get this - why is RGSM having a go at The RANGERS?

    Bit biggotted of him I'd say... whot!
  15. Not bigotted - just asking questions.

    And not having a go at the Rangers - it's more of what do they do, why and how.