The Royal Engineers in the Wiki

Sappers one and all,

If someone has a smigden of time on their hands, can they get eyes on this and just make sure that the Category reflects an accurate listing of existing Sapper units and associated sub-units.

Stylistically, Team Wiki are currently repointing and redirecting the enormous number of duplicate links towards single page targets. We are aware that this particular Category is an appalling mess and we're tidying up as fast as we can. What we'd like are some experts to pop in and make some suggestions.

If you are reasonably competent Wiki-wise, then please feel free to amend as you see fit on live pages; otherwise pop back in here and post away - one of us will sweep through and collate your points.

may just be my pc but i am unable to edit anything within these pages.
same for me
You need to register & then log in to be able to edit the Wiki, chaps.

Takes a few seconds, but your ARRSE user name doesn't carry over automatically and there is a 10 character (I think) limit to usernames over there.

If that doesn't solve the problem, let us know.


A flying start there from Knocker!

Any other contributors, please feel free to continue the good work.

If you're not confident with adding links out from your articles or formatting, just get the text into the article and one of us can tweak the links later so it carries through to other pages.
New task!

The Category has now been tidied up but loads of Engineer pages need some detail - any would be nice!

If you would like to help, click here and write what you like.

Be advised that you will need to create a user on the Wiki - you can do that here.


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