The Royal British Legion in Florida

Help please.

I've tried to get hold of the gentleman who handles collecting tins and poppies in southern Florida and failed miserably. Does anyone know anybody out here that might be able to help. I have contacted the Chairman of the local BL and he's the one who gave me the number that doesn't work.

There's a few of us pad rats with OHs serving, out here with time on their hands who would like to ask the American public to show their support, "shoulder to shoulder" and all that. There are also a number of people working on yachts asking for poppies. They're a generous bunch and I think it would be worthwhile.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you :D
A damn fine thing you are doing GS.

Maybe you could get hold of RBL on Monday and get them to get some tins out to you? You could point out to their marketing department it would make a nice story..
Good idea, will probably end up having to do that.

The other course of action that has occured to us, is to start nicking the empty tins from dark corners of the British pubs here which would be a productive use of a damp Saturday afternoon although perhaps not the most sensible one.

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