The Royal British Legion and NI Veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by R_T_G, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. Found this on another site, perhaps the legion are becoming a bit detached from the rest..............

    Patron: Simon Weston OBE
    The Northern Ireland Veterans Association
    PO Box 318
    St. Helens
    WA10 4WZ

    Earlier this year, The Northern Ireland Veterans Association (NIVA) applied to the Royal British Legion for permission to participate in the Cenotaph parade in Whitehall.
    We have recently been informed by TRBL that, after consideration, we will not be eligible to march as an association, as part of the Military Contingent because our membership spans both military and civilian applicants.
    As an association we feel that we are being discriminated against, we are aware that other organisations with membership similar to ours are entitled to march with the military contingent on the parade as are widows and relatives of servicemen that form part of other organisations.
    It is worth pointing out that the non-military organisations, which form part of our membership, are the PSNI, NIPS and other 999 services that served under the crown during the conflict. They are uniformed service’s and are, we feel, as entitled as any serviceman to march alongside the ‘veterans’ from previous campaigns in order to remember their comrades.
  2. As long as the Bevan Boys, Fire Brigades and London Transport don't march you have nothing to complain about.

    Its not as if around 1800 (?) squaddies have been killed over there, for farks sake...

    I think the Legion have got this wrong, but only very wrong.
  3. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    No worries - it only took the Suez vets, (my old man was one,) FIFTY years for recognition. :evil:

    But think about it - in 2019 we could be marching 'alongside' the terrs ! (If Comrade Blur and his Godless Communist Horde have anything to do with it.)

    But that could be the start of a good scrap ! It'd sort the cowardly chicken-shite murderers out from the men who stood in uniform. A bit like Suez......

    Interesting to hear any Septic comments - being as they've put their oar into both situations.
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  5. Thank you, most of us were not even aware of this issue. It seems entirely appropriate that the NI Vets association should include RUC.
  6. The Korean War Veterans are allowed to march in the Remembrance Sunday parade as a contingent in their own right, so why not the NI vets?
  7. possibly because the RBL is out of touch and is run by old senile colonel blimp types would come to mind.
    i have come across some of the nicest people in the RBL but i also have come across the most officous pompous cnut , in my day job(postman), i come across quite a few of them who moan about the slightest thing, Gates, type of letters, time of delivery and i can only give them the comtempt they deserve. i have wound many of them up delibratly hoping they would die of a cardiac arrest :twisted:
    i however have respect and time for those who really deserve it and many of them have been there, done that, been wounded, got medals for it and didn't need to shout about it. quiet dignity is to be seen to believed.
  8. Have to agree with Semper there. Having left the Army in 94 and being mostly overseas, although with a home base in NI, I've had such trouble getting membership through pure, unwatered and bloody-minded bureaucracy that I gave up about six years ago. That said, I'm sure things have changed and I can get it done in 30 seconds online now, but it still left a very bad impression of incompetence, so, demotivated, I left it all to them and got on with my own thing. I can't see anything whatsoever wrong with the application from the organisation in question; I was under the impression that it was all about Remembrance, not stupid pride.
  9. I shall raise this matter at the next branch meeting of my branch of the RBL.
  10. had a discussion with a DC with regards to taking cadets out for a parade on remembrance day , just found out his affiliated RBL don't want cadets parading with them however they would like the cadets to wait on tables afterward in Uniform. :evil: Cheeky cnuts if i was in his position i would tell them to go and fcuk themselves as well. so consequently it seems the cadets will not be parading. the cadets will be dissapointed
    it makes my piss. boil :evil:
  11. There are some good people in the Legion; I occasionally refer people to their full-time HQ welfare people. However, the impression I get at local level is that many think that the Legion is only for WW2 veterans and their families.

    It's a shame - the Legion should have much to offer, not least as a lobbying organisation to press government in matters pertaining to ex-servicemen. I'm aware that they do this already, but the mouse needs to turn into a lion.
  12. I wonder if the RBL have ever thought that maybe the Cadets don't want to parade with them ?
  13. There was a similar situation in Australia in the '70s/'80s and '90s with Vietnam Veterans not gaining support or real acceptance by the RBL equivalent in Australia, the RSL. This changed rapidly when the Vietnam Vets organised themselves into a more coherant organisation that confronted the old thinking. This was accelerated with changes at the top of the RSL when newly retired senior officers took over senior RSL appointments and introduced change.

    My point here is co-ordinate the grassroots but also work on the one or two influencial senior RBL leaders.
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