Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. That got your attention.

    im being moved to a RA cadet unit and im wondering if any of you guys have ever been in the RA and have any web links to any good RA websites for info regarding stable belts (colours and rhymes of it), regimental colours, history, regmental birthdays etc etc

    many thanks
  2. It's Royal ArtillEry!
    More to follow
  3. corrected the spelling thanks.
  4. bit sad to admit but that is actually a really good link :oops:
  5. very interesting link thanks.
    so on parade the RA goes to the top of the parade mm interesting also the \Regimental colours is the cannons itself.
    what colour would the stable belt be ?

    keep em coming......
  6. stripped, top to bottom, red, blue, yellow, blue, red
    why not look at the RA website on the Army web, itll give you links to the RAA (RA Association) and gunner mag, loads of info there
  7. Best I can do for an image is.........

  8. i also intend to do that, but i also want to hear it from the horses mouth so to speak about things that they dont tell you on the "official" websites
  9. the Regiment is very big, each internal unit is totally different from the other, really to find out general info youd want to look at these generic sites, and then when you find who your parent Unit is you can find out specifics on it
  10. will do, thanks for the tip
  11. any of you know about the north east airshow in sunderland, just wondering if any of u will be on ground promotion thing - let uz knar missis
    x :?
  12. Best bet is to get yourself down to Firepower museum.......... before it goes bust. In fairness, its full of info on traditions and the librarian there has access to a fair amount, plus he is always willing to help out when you get spammed to write Battery histories and the like!
  13. I hope you dont end up spending your free time painting the kerb stones, all vehicle wheelnuts and towing attachments with red paint!

    And as for saluting the guns....since when did a 25 pounder hold the Queens Commission - I ask ya!

    I hope they'll do the decent thing and send AS90s to Sandhurst!

    Get yourself on loads of off-unit training courses or sport (something the gun bunnies were very keen on - when I was attached!)

    Gunners- they're badddddddddddddddddd.