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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by lindmark, Mar 30, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys--my son is soon going on his basic training and then onto The Royal Artillery (Light Gun) which Regiments can he opt for after when he as done his training.Thanks
  2. 7 (Para) RHA, 29 (Commando) Regt RA and 40 Regiment RA, as well as three Territorial Army Regiments - 100 Regt RA(V), 103 Regt RA(V) and 105 Regt RA(V).
  3. Thanks parapauk for quick reply, can any body tell were 7 (Para) RHA, 29 (Commando) Regt RA and 40 Regiment RA will be based about oct/nov i understand if you can tell me on this forum. but a big thanks anyway.
  4. Things may have changed since I did my basic (1988) and joined a RA Field Regt. However, it used to be that all new recruits' Gunnery training was conducted on the L118 Light Gun, regardless of where you end up being posted to.

    Unless there's a new policy now, your spogg's Phase 2 (STA) training does not mean he'll only be eligible for employment in a Light Gun Regt. The qualification is 'Basic Guns' and any Unit he's posted to, with different kit, will be responsible for conducting his convertion training, to the new role.

    Of course this won't actually happen, as that takes organisation and planning, so in reality, the first time he does any convertion training, will be as part of his 'Advance Guns' trade training, in about 2 years time.

    Gunnery training in the Royal Artillery tends to get in the way of pre-tour training and ATD's and so, is deemed despensable.
  5. Yep things have changed. Your boy will only do Light Gun training at his unit and will go straight to the Level 2 qual. (Basic and Advanced Guns is LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG gone) To go to either 7 or 29 he will need to do the appropriate selection for his wings and dagger as necessary. As for locations, pm me and I will let you know. Cheers.
  6. I also would like to know which regiments would be available to me after phase 2, I'm going Royal Artillery also and am going for the role of OP Asst. I put forward this same question to the online careers office and to no avail. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
  7. OPA will be at any of the Close Support or CS regiments in the Gunners. There are currently three in Germany (one of which is due to return shortly to Blighty) and 5 already in UK.
    After a period within your unit you may wish to volunteer for a specialist employment in 5 Regt RA, but that will (and in my opinion should) come a little later in your career.
    It matters little drills wise whether you go to a Light Gun or AS90 regiment as the OP's carry out the same job to all intents and purposes. Hope that helps.
  8. That's great! quick and easy! thanks for the advice GNR40. :D
  9. Can girls be a light gunner?
  10. I doubt it as 2/3rds of Ltight Gunners are in the Para-Commando role. Girls can be AS90 Gunners but Lt Gunnery involes a lot of humping shells around, not all blokes can do it either
  11. Its only a 105, stop being a fanny.
  12. Top name for a rodney in the Royal Regiment :D
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  13. 40th Regiment is light gun and isnt para-commando... so yes they can if they cut it.
  14. So obviously not as good!!!

    Runs for cover!