The Royal Anglians ,Battlions?

Hey I joined royal Anglians as infantry I live in Leicestershire so from what I’ve read from the regiment’s page on I’m in the Poachers recruitment area.

But I rather join the Vikings, so I’m wondering do I get to choose which Battalion?

Or is it 'tough you’re going Germany!'

How does it all work?

53 views... Am i in the right thread?
Listen Mucker, I'm a Poacher. I have also served with the Viking's. To be honest there is not alot of difference in the Battalion's. Both are fu*king good and some of the best in the Army.

If you joined my Battalion you would not be going to Germany, the Battalion is due to move to Cyprus soon for 2 years on TRB- Threatre Reserve Battalion. Basically it means you will deploy to a hot sandy place from Cyprus.

As far as im aware we are upto almost full manning levels so you may get your choice but then again be prepared to pack your sun cream.
Yeah i heard about cyprus , so your saying if the poachers have good numbers i can choose?

but i didnt mean to doubt how good either battlion was

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