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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by anglianmad, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone im new to this site only a few posts under my belt well i am going threw the application proccess and have been doing alot of reseach on the ( 1st battlion vikings ) and was just wondering if there was any active or unactive soldiers on here that could give me a more indepth idea of what the viking are like as a whole and how life is at base ect. thanks
  2. Hope this helps.

    The word "battalion" should be written as "Battalion" in your post.

    The world "vikings" should be written as "Vikings" in your post.

    The word "unactive" should be written as "inactive" in your post..
  3. Strange...I thought he was after joining the infantry, not taking a chair in English Language at Oxford,
  4. Why do you think it strange that he is after joining the infantry and not taking the chair in English Language at Oxford?
  5. It was just an obscure way of calling you a cock for your response to his request.

    Although I'm reasonobly sure you figured that (perhaps a touch too much credit there?)
  6. A "C with three stars"? You are too generous.
  7. :D

    Oh come on Tiger Monkey2, he is just a keen young lad, he'll have all that sort of business straightened up once he is in.
  8. TM2-just too idle to do the work-around allowing me to insult you in clear.
  9. Thanks i was only looking for a little help as northern monkey pointed out as this is just a forum and not a test for an english degree i thought i might have been given some grace but no there are always sad lonely cnuts out there with feck all else to do
  10. Top blokes.
  11. There are a couple of anglians (and ex-anglians) on ARRSE.

    I'm currently applying to join the 3rd Battalion which is a bit of a palaver this year; the Adj described it to me as, "Operating a 1 in, 1 out policy, rather like a bad nightclub!.

    I'm currently being sponsored to Sandhurst by the regiment and hope, in a few years, to join the 1st Battalion.
  12. Hey Mucker.

    Im serving in the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment "the poachers". The Royal Anglian's currently have 2 regular Battalions and 1 TA Battalion.

    In my 14 years of serving, i have served with 1 Royal Anglian and generally speaking are a good bunch of blokes. To be honest there is not much difference between the two.

    2 Royal Anglian are currently a light role Battalion in Celle, Germany and soon will move to Cyprus for 2 years.

    Where abouts are you from? if you want any more info just ask or if you wish PM me.

  13. Hey mark mate just nice to talk to a decent guy on here not that u lot arnt just some can be pain. im from romford in essex mate yes i was thinking about 2nd battlion but i have a few mates in the 1st that i have lost contact with but would like to meet again oh and also could you give me the difference in what you do in day to day life as in weapon systems etc between 1st batt and 2nd batt please would be much appreciated
  14. well good luck with everything mate and thanks for the help
  15. Well being from Romford, you are in 1 Royal Anglian recruiting area, so normally and as you hope you should go to the Vikings although it will depend on manning levels. I live in Vikings area too but was sent to 2 Royal Anglian.

    Battalion life is more or less the same in every battalion, the only exception is if you are training for Ops you will be very busy with training. Also, when a Battalion is based abroad as in the case of the Poachers there can be other sutff you can be upto.

    As for the weapon systems, again the basic weapon's every Inf Unit has, It changes when your role as a Battalion is different, ie- light role, mech, armoured etc.