The Royal Albert Hall

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Nov 10, 2007.

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  1. Anyone watching Katharine Jenkins singing the Band of Brothers.? Fantastic.
  2. Thread being done in the Int Cell forum.

    And yes she is!
  3. I always watch the Festival of Remembrance (unless on Ops and don't get the chance) and it always brings a tear to the eyes.

    Makes me proud to be British and a member of HM Forces.

    RIP to all who can't make it thanks to the ultimate sacrifice.
  4. Gordon Brown just shown, literally looked like he was falling asleep!! Eyes shutting, head lolling.
  5. bringomg tears to my eyes now, i can't serve but im sure glad im doing my bit on the charity front

  6. opps can't spell tonight, "bringing tears to my eyes"
  7. Just watching this - feeling very proud. I left the Army this year and will be attending church tomorrow to remember friend I have lost. Is it ok to wear my medals with civvies (suit). I feel that civvies don't see enough of the army and I feel very proud to have won my medals. Can anyone let me know or point me to where I may find out?

  8. Yes you can wear them with your suit.
  9. Glad its not only me

    RIP CSgt Phil Newman 20 Sept 2007 Afgan
    My friend
  10. IMO disgraceful if you DON'T! You earned em, you wear em! I'll wear mine and I've been out longer than I was in, now!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Just watched it, eyes very watery throuhout. Very moving.
  12. Suit? You some sort of oroficer sir?

    You earned em, you wear em with pride - on your denim jacket if you want. The Queen didn't send me a chit with mine, saying: "Only wear them with your SUIT, young man!"
  13. RIP amen

    You will never be alone again, 3milesniper. You are now a soldier forever - bet they didn't tell you that one when you signed up!
  14. Lucky that mean looking "Monkey" on the end didn't see him - he'd be tabbing by now!
  15. LC I was just answering the mans question.