The roy(a)l family portraits.

The royals never cease to amaze, after Camilla gate you would think charlie would have been on that rehab course with tiger woods, Any other roy(a)l portraits out there that made you larf.

If she had been my pilot in 651 sqn, then i would have rebadged.


Have you any idea how bloody old that picture is?

Read the text, any other royal make you larf pic's out there, how the hell would i know how old it is?? are you saying she is now 60+ with saggy bits?

If you have seen or read it before, why bother replying? move on
That one of William taking a royal slash and holding his penis in a most peculiar manner made me laugh. He may even have been sticking a genteel little finger out as though he were having high tea.
Did Phil the Greek fart??

I reckon he did. You can see him leaning to ease one out.
"Charles, for fck sake, i told you not to eat that curry, jesus, open a fckng window someone"



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Christ it's the working class
Get my bloody gun and take the wife to Claridges

"Oh I say.... are those knorks real..? The Memsahib has a pair but they are a bit saggy now..... You should have seen her 20 years ago..... No cross-your-heart Bras......oh yes....!!"
This is all getting out of hand Philip, first a wedding to pay for, now the bloody car insurers wont cough up, you start at Tesco on monday.


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