The Rosbif rot is taking hold, France told

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. THE French have clearly tired of taking it on the chin. A new book about the British socio-economic “model” strikes back at les rosbifs, calling them vulgar, aggressive and unprincipled “consumerist zombies” with no understanding of philosophy, beauty or art.

    It is the latest salvo in a “Brit-bashing” barrage as France struggles to defend its identity against what many fear is the inexorable advance of “Anglo-Saxon” free market ideas and globalisation.

    “This is a wake-up call to French voters,” said Agnès Poirier, author of The English Model, A French Illusion, which is published this week.

    in full,,2089-2350519,00.html
  2. We all know she has a point and is pretty much describing chav scum but as usual the French are simply whinging. Their insecurities are usually covered up by a shallow superiority complex which is utterly hollow. Weak and smelly tw@ts.

    If the UK is so awful why are all their graduates tripping overthemselves to work in London?

    Sour grapes as usual, her boyfriend must be a right patriotic Brit! :roll:
  3. I think the French should maybe be looking their own Socio-Economic probs before castigating the British. Their marginalisation of immigrants is far worse than ours. Our Government is bending over backwards to try to integrate, whereas the French are just closing their eyes and ears and hoping that it will go away. In the end, the French way will work out much much worse.

    As for uncultured? They eat SNAILS FFS!!
  4. Thats what they think of us, and we just do what Germany and France want us to in the EU.
  5. The French are the results of a long term selective experiment in which you kill off all your worthwhile, fine upstanding young men in a succession of wars, and then breed from the remaining cripples and subnorms.

    The experiment has conclusively proved that crossing degenerate deviants with mental defectives results in a nation who think that the height of culture is sucking dead snails out of their shells, whilst letting their so-called 'civilisation' collapse under it's own contradictions. Funny how this 'Anglo-Saxon model' remains the one the world's masses want to emigrate to, by fair means or foul...

    Their attitude to us is also a classic example of the hatred that someone feels for their saviour - having saved their surrendering arrses twice in one century, they really hate our masculine, virile, above all, successful, nation. Every time I feel bad about the state of the British nation, I can cheer myself up by thinking of monsewer froggie and madame garlic nosher...

    Oh - and stand by for the mad cow revelations: because, of course, they've been completely honest about their beef herd's levels of infection, haven't they?? No french farmers have been hiding the evidence/burying festering carcassess, have they? Ooooh, 'non monsewer'. The problem is, it'll be very difficult to prove, because a frenchman with BSE is just like all the others - he stumbles around as though drunk, drooling from the mouth, making insane gurgling noises, and smelling incontinent.
  6. Nibbler

    Do I take it you don't like the French ?
  7. spot on!

    at least in Britain you can get on in life by ability, not by which Grande Ecole you went to or because Papa pulled strings to get you a stage somewhere......

    what about their restrictive employment legislation? and resistance to change? they still expect jobs for life, wake up please

    maybe she should look in her own back yard, visit Epinay or Les Mureaux, not many intellectual gourmets there? or does she restrict her social circle to Paris 7e????
  8. Please tell me you're joking.
  9. It wasn't until I read the word 'Paris' that I realised that you were actually talking about FRance there. I thought that you were on about the UK.
  10. What a remarkably unbiased and balanced opinion, Nibbler. I'm sure you came to your conclusions after extensive travels and interactions with your Gallic neighbours. Well done!

  11. Not a feckin chance you Mick buffoon - I base that view entirely on my experience of their more stupid cousins, the Irish... I have no need to visit a slug's unique habitat in order to assess their fitness to exist, once I've seen other slugs oozing their slime across God's green earth . Up the Ra, 'banana republics are us'...
  12. I can only think of roughly sixty million reasons why I don't like the French.
  13. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Hmm, they accuse the British of being aggressive...that's a compliment in the right context (i.e. modern european history) isn't it? Vulgar, well its true that French is said to be modern Latin, so I suppose they have a point. We have principles, though I've not come across them in France, they are on the high street two shops down from topshop, which nicely links into consumerism, I had my ultimate designer shades on today, and they were French...hmmm.
  15. There is a certain irony is us bashing the French about their fears of their culture being diminished and swept aside on a wave of immigration and changing social demands when, of late, half of the posts on this site have been about our concerns for exactly the same thing.

    Still, I'll take any chance to make a pop at the cheese-eating surrender monkeys, I suppose. :)