The Rommel Myth

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sunami, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Maybe, but it is the Mail, same as the Sun or Star but with words of more than one syllable.
  2. Hmmmm I wonder if anyone being led away by the gestapo would admit to being part of the assasination plot, wasn't there some bollocks about monty being a shirt lifter not so long ago? Its quite easy to slag people of when they are dead ,even easier if they have been dead for some time.
    All myths and rumours, quite typical of the mail really.
  3. Reading that I see very little proof that Rommel was anything other than a good soldier. In fact most of it is what Hitler would do if Rommel won. The story doesnt see, to say much about Romel other than if he won more jews would have died. The jews were in for a hard time no matter what German soldier took ground.
    So it seems the Mail has taken it out of context as usual.
  4. The Mail is refering to an exhibition in Stuttgart, whereas the Spiegel refers to a documentary broadcast on Germany's ZDF.
    There's no doubt about the mans tactical and soldiering prowess, only his political inclinations.
  5. What were his political inclinations? Being publicly supported of Adolf was good for you health in those days. Is there any real proof that he was a bit of a bastard?
  6. He was Physical a very brave man as his WW I exploits show.
    He was a First Class Leader of Men and Armoured formations from North France to North Afrika.
    I am sure that he dispensed with Hitlers Commando order in Afrika.
    And I have never heard of deployment of Gestapo or SS to N Afrika.
    Oh he was no Staff Officer, never did the General Staff course.
  7. And Corporal Hitler won the Iron Cross for bravery in WW1.

    As was Sepp Dietrich.


    They would have deployed after the victory, and in any case the Wehrmacht was willing enough to do the wet work in Russia, so why not in Palestine?

    The plots against Hitler were little more than a falling-out among thieves.
  8. I would have thought that it would be hard to have progressed within the German forces at that time unless one was a reliable Party member.
  9. I met his son Manfred, when he was mayor of Stutgart. Nice bloke, He came to Cardiff as it was the partner city .They had a do in the city hall so I had a chat with him about his dad. He was quit impresed with my Kraut
  10. Sixty

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    Do elaborate as I'd always read that he'd ignored the order too. I'm curious as to just how wrong I was.
  11. There was Hungarian serving in 10 inter allied commando who was taken prisoner just before D Day who was interagated by Rommel and not shot
  12. What such as the attempts by General Henning von Tresckow or General Hans Oster who actually informed the Allies of the dates of Fall Gelb? Even the previously pacifistic head of the Confessing Church Dietrich Bonhoeffer submitted to the idea of violent overthrow of the Nazi regime and this was before it was clear that Nazi Germany had lost the war.

    You've made a throwaway statement which dishonours the memory of many good people operating under unimaginable pressure under a horrendous regime.