The roles of CS Ops when on deployment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by kiwiwik, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Evening all

    I'm currently about to finish off my TSC(A) with Bravo beginning either start or end of January and joining a Signals Squadron as a CS Operator.

    From what I can tell so far, it would be 2013, at least, before I would be deployed to Afghanistan (if I even am deployed -- would like to go).

    Exactly what does the CS Op'r do when on deployment? Are they attached to an Infantry Rgt and sent on patrol to handle all the Comms/SAA training with the Taliban or is most time spent in Bastion/some FOB as a link between the Ground and Command?

  2. Make tea, sometimes coffee and definitely fellate other men.

    Oh, and speak to other C/S on the various nets.
  3. And are the tea lady/fellating duties done only in the base/FOB? I'd prefer the idea of making tea/fellating in the field.

    Actually, I wouldn't mind leaving out the fellating part, if I'm honest.
  4. The fellating is the highlight of the Afghanistan weekend for the allies (Thursday for the flip flops).
  5. Sounds great -- but can you give me a more objective answer that doesn't involve blowjobs and/or flip flops??

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  6. Going on recent experience, if you get deployed, and are part of a CSR rather than a Bde Sig Sqn, you'll have one of two possibilities:

    1. CommCen - shift patterns for 6 months tx/rx signals.
    2. Pretend to be CIS, get loads of courses pre-tour and get generally worked into the ground on tour.

    You'll only get to do a CS Op job if you either get a) sent out as part of an RSIST or as part of the Bde Sig Sqn.
  7. Thanks.. but can you expand on the acronyms? New to this stuff..
  8. CSR - Campaign Signal Regiment
    RSIST - Royal Signals Infantry Support Team
  9. Well as a CSOp you better get VG at your VP in QT for the OC and VIP coming to your PB ASAP with an RSVP!
  10. Watch a monitor for 6 months....
  11. I am a CS Operator, avoid CSR like the plague unless you want to be on shift a lot and probably ironing your kit, bothered about haircuts and shaving all the time. My last tour was with a Bde Sig Sqn, the jobs are varied but you will get to deploy as a Rear Link depending on your fitness/aptitude/experience working with the infantry, on my tour CS Ops were patrolling everyday some using heavy weapons, conducting ops with the infantry. Jobs included working with BRF in the fighting sections, being a MERT signaller, gunner and signal element of the Viking groups, advising and instructing ANA/ANP formerly known as OMLT the list goes on.
    It beats being a bitch on the help desk in bastion were people ring up asking you if they need to plug the mouse in for it to work.
  12. Im afraid as a CS Op that is not true at all, the Royal Signals is becoming a lot more Infantry orientated Bde Sig Sqns/14 Sigs/Infantry Support Teams support the infantry directly, when your not doing comms your another bloke in the section carrying ECM/Vallon/ammo etc, 14 Sigs obviously carry specialist kit to support their role.
  13. Absolute utter bullshit! Name me the Infantry section that allowed some attached Scaley be their vallon man! Infantry battalions have their own Signals platoons who act as platoon and Coy signallers. We have a couple of attached R.Signals geezers sat in the FOB stagging on in the Ops room. Every now and then one of them would have to tag along on a patrol down to a PB to deal with comms issues, but an part of a section? Never.

    Medics, RMPs, Engineers & dog handlers did come out with us regularly and absolute respect to them. And yeah I'm sure that there are the odd Scaley who has been pinged to get out and about regularly in some role or other, but your claim that Signals geezers sent to Afghanistan are used as an extra bod in an infantry section is ******* delusional. Just accept the fact that you're a pot noodle munching ******* POG and go back to baiting STABs in the TA forum.
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  14. Nice one TF
  15. With a Campaign Signal Sqn you may get lucky and get to go to Kabul as a Force protection and Transport Coy. That involves lots of stagging on, patrolling (going out talking to locals and getting harrassed by kids) and a Taxi service for british people in the City.

    I did that this year. Take a look at the pictures i got here jonesmrjones' photosets on Flickr

    If you dont get that you will be in Bastion doing **** jobs in a tent all day. ComCen/ICS helpdesk and other crap. AVIOD IT!!

    Try a BDE Sig Sqn get a RLD job and sit in a FOB on set for the Infantry.

    14 Sigs is a good bet with the LEWT teams.

    216 is still another Bde Sig Sqn. Im at Blandford at the moment and all the phase twos are bigging it up. They dont know that they will still be sweeping, putting up tents and cleaning up after ********* with more cotton on their chests.

    Just accept the fact that you wil get fucked around and over by everyone.

    Stay away from the Brown nosers and Shnecks. Although thats the only way to get anywhere at the mo.
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