The Role Of The British Army Abroad

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by fatdave, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I have got to give a lesion on the about subject on Thursday of this week. Does any one have any information of this that they might think is useful :?

  2. Make sure the area is clean and there are no foreign bodies in the wound, then cover with a loose dressing.
  3. A bit harsh, don't you think!?
  4. Try it in english.
  5. I got a lesion off a WRAC from 29 Coy once in Rheindahlen. It wasn't you Dale was it? Those 52's were manic times....
  6. Had a lesion cut off my face once. Quick razor blade job and then burnt with mini blow torch. The surgeon made a grand job. That's all i want to say about that.
  7. Fatdave you may want to go back to school first. Looks like you missed too many lessons so how the f**k can you give one??