The role of a CMT in medical centres

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by sickboy, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. Apart from paperwork,filing,answering a telephone and making tea before the smart jokes come out!!

    Recently i was told within our medical centre we are no longer as cmt's allowed to administer vaccines and this would now be carried out by the civillian nurse.

    Has anyone else heard anything on this matter?
  2. My dear fellow, look up the term CLINICAL GOVERNANCE.

    It is this that is leading to the sad demise of the CMT.......oh and I also blame the Grey Mafia.........they were there on that grassy knoll you know.....thye suffocated Marilyn Monroe with their flabby buttocks..........and Elvis was shagged to death by them too :lol:
  4. If you look at a few other threads, you'll see a lot of us asking what will become of the CMT. Nothing concrete has been banded about so far but there are ideas, whether these come to fruition is anybody's guess :roll:
  5. I have had a quick look through some of the other threads some interesting and other's well i dont think i will see them in my time.
    I keep hearing the same old stories paramedic status,governing bodies and a change in pay bands.

    The grey mafia are slowly grinding us down!!
  6. It's getting a bit sickening watching the slow crawl of the Grey Mafia as it swamps all and sundry in it's attempt to control as much of the AMS as it can.

    Now I am all for the Nursing cadre, we need it definetly but to see them slowly taking over in Field units and begin to tighten the screw on the CMT trade in the name of clinical governance is sickening.
  7. I heard yesterday that the QAs will be putting HCAs into Primary Care soon - some drivel about them having NVQs which made them better qualified than CMTs.

    Anyway, I find myself invited to lunch with the head of the Grey Mafia soon; any suggestions for smalltalk gratefully received!
  8. Some hints for her to stop the march of the grey machine all over the AMS.

    See if they can let the CMT practice something medical, instead of just painting box's, putting up tents and being left to feel inadequate.

    PS I ain't a CMT, I feel their pain :wink:
  9. First the ward........then de hospital...........soon ze vorld.............IT VILL BE MINE, ALL MINE. :twisted:

    (HE who controls the grey beret continuum cannot be stopped.)

    You might as well just smile and let yourself be assimilated (this process involves the aforementioned "flabby buttocks").
  10. As I remember well, you succumbed to those afore mentioned flabby buttocks on many an occasion :wink:
  11. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    1. What do you see RGNs doing in 5 years time, obviously if any are still serving not below the rank of 2Lt?

    2. How will a RGN maintain their hospital skills whilst posted to an Infantry regt?

    3. Do they want HCA's to be re badged RAMC?

    4. What other skills apart from mopping a fevered brow do RGNs bring to 'the party' of a TESTEX or BATUS deployment?

    5. How will Army RGNs be bought into line with RN and RAF non deployeable RGNs?

    6. Why dont Matrons like gobby Cpls in Fd Hosps?

    That should do it for now, I am sure D-L has some more searching questions in respect to diet, clothing size and sexual habits.
  12. I assume VB would like a career after lunching with the head of the Grey Mafia, so I will not give him questions to ask on diet, clothing size and sexual habits. All of which i know intimately :wink:
  13. Or perhaps how to gain an oversized sense of personal worth and the ability to ensure that everybody else is shot down in flames for being heretics by having there own, better and more sensible idea, that is until it is taken by the mafiosi as always been thiers. :evil:
  14. Oi..................shhhhhhh........come here........shhhhhhhh......listen..........right.................if you want to work in a med centre in the treatment room in the next few years..........become a HCA now! If you want to be a Practice manager stay as a CMT!

  15. ................ and when the RADC are "consumed" next year back into the main fold (DDA to dispand in April) maybe the RADC Practice Managers will run co-located Medical and Dental Centres so that the CMT can go back to his Fd Amb -- opps Med Regt