The role of a British Sniper

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sphinx7, Jul 19, 2011.

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  1. Evening gentlemen, I'm currently completing my application forms, medical forms, details etc to be considered for the army.. I completed my BARB test today at a score of 78. What I initially wrote regarding my preferred job roles, were to be in a Formation Recce, with the hope of being trained as a Sniper eventually as I understand it is an advanced / specialist choice.

    After talking with the Sergeant conducting my test today, he explained that the division I could potentially be recruiting for, actually have sort of a lack in numbers at the moment. Because of this, he has offered to allow me to become fully trained at Sniping straight off the bat as early as October, in return for going out to Afghan as early as next year.

    Obviously this is a great opportunity as it was always my prime interest. I'm just foggy on some exact details regarding the role of a Sniper in Afghanistan at the moment.

    First of all, quite basically, how dangerous is the role of Sniper : For example, do they travel out in the front line with the Infantrymen, and then peel off to conduct their own camouflaged bases ? Or would they constantly be at a certain 'safe' base, away from close contact 'small arms fire' ? .. And if there wouldn't be a requirement in a certain area, would I be asked to join the infantry for the time being ?

    Secondly, I haven't been able to find any records of British Sniper deaths in Afghan. Does anyone have any information of any times when a Sniper ( or Snipers ) had been killed as a result of enemy fire, an ambush, friendly fire, IEDs, enemy sharp shooters etc ..

    I'm wondering because if I were to accept the proposal and train to go out there etc, I'm hoping that I'd get to do exactly what I signed up for. Supporting my team, as accurately and to the best of my ability, by providing support from a suitable distance - Not just shafted out into the front line where a Sniper rifle is deemed useless against a potential wave of AK-47s.

    Any information from a current or past serving Sniper, or from anyone else for that matter would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance, and hopefully I'm in the right thread for this :)
  2. 3/10 must try harder.
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  3. Have you heard of the newly formed skydiving sniper division? Your actually trained not only to hit a moving target but to hit one while descending from a maximum altitude of 4,300ft under the break of your issued mkII parachute. Ask your AFCO about it, they have all the details and pay is much better than standard infantry sniper pay.

  4. As far as I know, snipers are in among infantry regiments, but rather than being a rifleman, lsw gunner, etc, they are a sniper and still operate under say the Mercian Regiment (first one that came to mind), so while you mightn't have heard of a sniper being killed, that bloke from so-and-so regiment could well have been a sniper.
    I may be incorrect but I think snipers work in teams so it's not like you'll be out in a forest on your jack jone

    Good luck with your training, and deployment if it comes
  5. Pretty eloquent and polite for a young lad.... Didn't think Recruit Sergeants had the ability to promise specialist training post phase 2.... when your not even in yet, I think that may be a waahhh but will bow in deference to those that know more than me.

    Your more likely to start as a Sharpshooter than anything else, presuming you can hit the back side of an elephant when its shitting on you.

    Otherwise good luck
  6. It's like the blind leading the fucking blind in here.
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  7. Are snipers still expected to shit in their pants on exercise, rather than potentially compromise themselves by moving?

    Takes some of the glamour out of being a sniper.....
  8. H3

    H3 LE

    ACIO telling fibs there or what ....... He was just taking the pish just like everyone else on here will ....... Note to yourself " Dont be so gullible " ;0)
  9. These days they actually have to eat it to save on ration packs. Defence cuts you see.
  10. Who said that?
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  11. Who said that?

    Edit: seconds you bastard Crowbag, fucking seconds :)
  12. Why would he want to do that when obviously what he should be joining is the Underwater, Polar Icecap and Special Dam Demolition, Covert Insertion Sniper Unit? Anyone with ambition and ability should be heading straight for the newly formed HQ in Dorking.
  13. You mean there are 'cuts' in defence .................. or did you simply miss out the 'n'?
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  14. WatchingWater

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    Alex Hawkins was a Sniper, and a mate of mine.