The Rodeo

WARNING Skjold will not be held responsible if, you or your relationship with your partner comes comes to a sudden grinding halt :D

While boinking your partner doggy style, or riding him like a race horse, call out some other persons name and see how long you can stay on for. Sounds simple.
Full marks are gained, for ejacualation. (male or female)

I lasted about 10 secs, (I do any way :) ) and was in the schitt house for a week. After some major back tracking and smooth talking.

I tried this. Mrs Lairdx wasn't too happy when I cried "Yannie!" and spunked all over her new wall paper. She was so cross. She hit me so hard I almost dropped my bag-pipes. (c ock o' the north is my shagging tune of choice.)
A more energetic response if you say - "the test came back positive for HIV, by the way; that's ok with you?"

telling her that her sister/mother/brother is a far better lay also gets good results
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