The Rockets Will Stop As Israel and Hamas Agree Truce

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. There will be a truce between Israel and Hamas beginning on Thursday, Hamas promising to stop the attacks of all organisations attending the peace talks.

    The article

    I do not have that much confidence in there being no more rockets entering Israel from Gaza but I am hoping to be pleasantly surprised.
  2. "If anybody does anything, they will be doing it on their own."


    Nice disclaimer. Let's wait and see. I do not hold much hope but pray* that I am wrong.

    *Not literally (figuratively) as I don't believe.
  3. With a bit of luck a cease fire will hold, this together with apparent talks with the Syrians is all good news.

    I suspect that Hamas knows that the Isreali govt. would of had to have carried out a large scale op (larger than those carried out previously) if the missile fire had continued as it did.

    Fingers crossed.
  4. quote]There will be a truce between Israel and Hamas beginning on Thursday[/quote]

    Pigs will fly on the day that the word of Hamas can be taken.

    Hamas observe a truce Ha ha ha ha snigger giggle chortle.

    So our Israeli friends agree a cease-fire with the organisation responsible for many terrible terror acts on the territory of Israel.

    Maybe it is a good time for a cease-fire with Taleban? Moreover the Taleban has never organised any terror act in the USA, the US, in other European countries. Why not to give the Afghanis a possibility to live without bombings. attacks, without 'collateral damages'?
  6. a) the cease fire will never last. They have had "ceasefires" before which have basically been breaks so that they could buy more weapons for next time.

    b) The Taleban were harboring international terrorists therefore are terrorists themselves and we do not negotiate with terrorist or criminal entities. The jobs not done so we will not leave early.

    Do not get me started with you and Afghanistan again.... :roll:
    Hope to hear from you soon "comrade".
  7. Pigs will fly on the day that the word of Hamas can be taken.

    Hamas observe a truce Ha ha ha ha snigger giggle chortle.[/quote]

    Mind you the Israelis have broked several truces in the past as well when it has suited them, in this war neither side has any real chance of reaching the moral high ground.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    The Palestinians in the refugee camps will remain there, the settlers will keep building on land deemed not theirs by the U.N., the Palestinians will stay p!ssed off, the Israelis won't care, the Palestinians will kick off again, the rockets and bombs will start again, the Israelis will kick off again, the rockets and missiles will start again, everyone will blame everyone else whilst civilians on both sides or shot and blown to pieces again . . .

    . . . and it won't stop until either the Palestinian leaders accept continued annexation of their lands and ever more settlements, or the Israelis get out of the land that the U.N. says is not theirs, and that they should not be building settlements on under international law.

  9. All this in the Gaza, eh.

    Read the article - especially the bit that says "ceasefire applies in Gaza Strip only"
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Doh, silly me - I forgot the Palestinian Authority is actually the government of a sovereign (and whole) nation state isn't it. Doesn't explain why they would have terrorists though does it?

    You seem to forget that the 'gaza strip' is only a bit of U.N. Mandated Palestine, and that a large chunk of the rest of the country (yes, country) is behind Israeli walls and watchtowers.

    A 5 minute ceasefire in Gaza only, that will be broken DURING the conference by one party or another.
  11. Really?


    It looks as it would be right to keep mr.Begin in GULAG all 8 years.

    However, later mr.Begin was welcomed in Washington and other Western capitals. He was a honourable guest and a partner in negotiations.

    Who knows, maybe several years later Taleban's mulla Omar would be the best friend of the West?
  12. Yes yes, we have discussed this before as well. I know Israel stabbed us in the back in the 40's and 50's but we also helped them establish their nation (I have no idea why you are so anti-Jew).

    Also dont use Wikipedia to illustrate your points because anyone can edit or add to it without actually knowing all the facts. let us be honest here every country changes its alliances from time to time to suit their agenda as well as act with forgiveness to scumbags who later prove useful.

    Yes we negotiated with Begin (and have done with other negative entities) but we were keeping a lid on him, had we wished it we could have killed him in Washington and blamed it on the Muslims but we knew the greater good could be acheived in getting him onside, anyway we had our foot on his throat so he learned to do as he was told, in short we did not negotiate with him we threatened him because we had him cornered.

    Mulla Omar will not be our best friend because he is engaged in a religious war with us and you cannot reason with fanatics particularly because he wil be found dead sooner or later.
  13. I'm not anti-Jew at all. I regard myself as a friend of Israel where many are very religious. I have a friend Jewish Orthodox in Jerusalem and visited the Western Wall (wearing kipa of course).

    It is not strictly speaking a 'religious war'. It is a war against foreign occupants (as our Jewish friends waged against the British). Would you speak about a 'religious war' of Irgun against British forces in Palestine? No of course. Equally, the Taleban is at war with coalition forces. It is that simple.

    Militant Judaism gradually had been transformed into democratic political force. So militant Islam could be transformed into something at least acceptable.

    Is current regime in Kabul able to stop production of drugs (even with help provided by NATO troops). No. But the Taleban could resolve this task.

    Suppose that there would be no bases of terrorists in Afghanistan and the country would not be a source of drugs. In this case would you care who namely would form a government in Kabul?
  14. Yes we could stop the production of drugs...theres this wonderful chemical mixture called Napalm, it can be put into bombs, these bombs can be dropped on the poppy fields thus destroying the "crop" and any unfortunate drug producing miscreant in the viscinity.

    and No Islam will not become more accepting or reasonable because of the very nature of the faith and the glorified gangsters who call themselves preachers of that faith. All the Ayotollahs (I'm not sure on that spelling) have been arms dealing scumbags, most of the Sheiks are scumbags who use religion and intolerance as a pretext for murder and the accumulaion of wealth. I realise I may end up getting a Fatwah on my head (a basic contract kill with religious rewards) but thats what these despots do anyone who challenges them or their practices gets eliminated for this.
  15. You could (technically) but can't in practice.

    Never say never. Who could imagine in times of Inquisition that Christianity would transform so significantly.