The roar of Tommy guns, the smell of gunpowder*

*I've smelled gunsmoke certainly, but cannot recall unignited powder having an odor.

It's that time of year, again:

Kentucky: Roar of the Tommy Guns, the smell of gunpowder - Yahoo! News

The range is appropriately located in "Bullitt County" Kentucky. If my memory serves me, the range was a US Navy testing facility during WWII. It would be interesting to own the mining rights to that property.
Do they ever publish the casualty figures?
While I have never heard of casualties there, imagine some nutter goes on the waiting list for the MG shoot and, while there, swivels a mini-gun around toward the spectators. Fuck!

"Knob Creek"? Aptly named...
It's in the South. What do you expect?

Beaver Lick KY [I do like the sound of that one!]
Sugar Tit KY
Slick Lizzard AL
Gobbler's Crossing AL
New Erection, VA.
Wankers Corner OR

I could go on, but you get the idea.
Jealous bitch, must really chafe that we can own Brens or Vickers if we want while you lot make do with Handbags
I would LOVE to own a functional, transferrable Bren, but they cost an absolute mint!

If you have a line on one, please PM.
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