The RN of the future - cheaper than Lego?

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by OldSnowy, Aug 8, 2011.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This from the latest "Navy News" - we can't afford new Ships any more, but by God we've got some good models. Or rather, we've fake Lego models, anyway:

    "There are hundreds of new Type 45 destroyer fleet now entering service... courtesy of a new toy kit on sale now.
    You can also win one of three sets in our competition. Those who bemoan that the Type 45 destroyer programme stopped at six lament no longer. There are thousands of the futuristic-looking warships about to enter service. This is the latest officially-sanctioned Royal Navy toy – a Lego-esque click-and-build Type 45 destroyer, plus five sailors in their No.1s, and one helicopter – joining an ever-expanding Fleet (that’s a phrase we never thought would appear in these pages…). The first model Type 45 was, appropriately, presented by the folk at toymakers Character Building to the offices of First Sea Lord Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope… in incomplete form. Lt Ollie Clark, the First Sea Lord’s Flag Lieutenant, quickly set about the task and led a team of ‘shipbuilders’ piecing together D30 (in keeping with the class’ nomenclature, HMS Dinky perhaps?). Ninety minutes later one model was completed. “We followed the instructions to the letter… and there was still one piece left over at the end,” said Ollie. “I guess you never really know what each day is going to throw at you.”

    In place of the Sea Viper missile silo there’s a hold with opening doors to store vehicles/figures, the Kryten main gun rotates, and the helicopter can be ‘parked’ in the hangar. Anyway, to celebrate the launch of the latest addition to the Fleet – and check the model for accuracy (an initial glance suggests the helicopter’s most definitely not a Merlin or Lynx…) – three kits have been handed over to members of the T45 community, sans instructions, a few photographs and a challenge: build it in under two hours. We’ll let you know how they get on. As for readers eager to get their hands on the model, it’s in the shops and on websites now, RRP £49.99."

    Perhaps, at £50 a pop there's a lesson to be learned there by the MOD. If this were genuine Lego, instead of a cheap Lego/Playmobil knock-off, I'm sure it would be a lot more expensive!
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  2. If the MoD wait an hour they'll be able to buy them cheaper from China.
  3. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    I'm getting old and wary - and I suspect that as the MoD for the Navy board you probably have more time on one wave than me..... but I see the current type 45s whispering in and out of Portsmouth most days.....they are at sea and (unlike FRES) will be deploying on operations, on behalf of a lot of people who have worked hard to get them built, crewed and underway....CLOMP!

    Hms Daring first of Class


    HMS Dauntless - Huzza :) ( WRNS to the fore!)


    HMS Diamond - cutting the waves

    HMS Dragon - 'Buffer ! Paint crew fwd, now '

    two more on the stocks........yes the Fleet has shrunk beyond bounds.....but don't encourage these damn pongos in their usual 'Two rowing boats and a canoe' nonsense :)

    Ahem...< rustles Ye Naval Chronicle >....pass the port !
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  4. FFS! That's typical of the MoD - even the toy warships are 'fitted for, not with' the missile system they need!
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  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    35 pages of it here -£1bn-destroyers-set-remain-unarmed-years-35.html [bollocks are they]

    MSR has steadfastly refused to alter the original thread title - despite the newspaper report being comprehensively trashed , repeatedly and in depth by people who have been at sea when the damn thing was fired.....

    I sometimes think there is a mindset on Arrse which actively prefers to believe the worst vapourings of half-clued journos everytime over the possibility that UK may have done something right....

    ( it's all Arrse - pass the port :) )
  6. OK, I agree that the real one does come with Sea Viper, but it doesn't have any Tomahawk or Harpoon fitted!
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ( why would you want 1970s technology on a ship built for the 21st Century ? :) )

    Lamp swings [on TLA mode]....I was at AAEE when ALCM was being mooted against SR(A) 1236 [/TLA].....that was oooh, gosh....sometime in the last century ! Tomahawk has been around a l-o-o-ong time...ditto Harpoon.....moving on up makes sense.

    ...and anyway...on the Lego version you can cram the forard hold with stealth Ninja 1/72 scale underwater knife-fighting Seals*...and the odd Licorice Allsort for emergencies....much better idea.

    * who may or may not have started out as 'WWII Imperial Japanese Infantry' but have received the Humbrol Black Gloss 'upgrade'.....
  8. Yeah, but what to? Are there comparable weapons we should be using instead?
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Well British Aeroscrape are busy promoting a sea-launched variant of the SCALP cruise's called'Storm Shadow' in UK service......ALCM currently delivered by a Tornado....the Wiki article alleges that it will be fitted to JSF.....

    France eyes sea-launched cruise missiles | Reuters

    Depends if HMG is serious about interoperability with Yurp and the much-vaunted sustaining independent industrial capability - or prefers to cuddle up (endlessly) to Ton-Ton Sam ..... because it presents as the (currently) cheaper option.

    ( it would be interesting to know how much the Lockheed Martin contract with RN was originally bid at.....)

    Harpoon has been around since 1977......I imagine any potential hostiles are well aware of its capabilities/performance envelope/vulnerabilities by now...
  10. SCALP Naval can be fired from any Aster A70 fitted ship. The question for UK Plc is if we want to pay for Mk48 or A70 cells in a T45; as nice as they would be, have we ever had a problem in not having a firing unit in place already? If there's no defined need, no-one is going to stump up with the cash. However, feel free to carry on with fantasy fleets....
  11. IIRC, Mk41 VLS was actually cheaper than the stumpy - can't fire anything other than ASTER 15/30 - SYLVER A50 VLS we fitted.
  12. That's not lego - that's some imitation crap.
  13. Sun - Mk41, you're right, had my ASW head on!

    Anyway, having been and seen a Mk41 in CG and DDG, I'm not sure it's the system we want, it's very American (i.e. requires huge amounts of people to look after it), but I won't deny the utility of it.
  14. If we were sticking with SYLVER, (bit pointless as we'd built in the space for Mk41 anyway and the gym is the space for an extra Mk41 silo for TLAM if we ever get it, so we'll have the best/worst of both systems SYLVER and Mk41), we should at least have had the gumption to buy strike length A70's from the get go. Instead, we've lumbered ourselves with the worst of all options and any upgrades to T45, (ABM anyone), will need new silos.
  15. Unfortunately there was nothing in the requirements that necessitated an A70 or Mk41 cell; one could be cynical and look at the Service of the head of the Deep Strike DEC, but that would be unworthy of me....