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Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    From my wee stained mattress in the retirement home it's been brought to my attention that a DRLC thread may be useful.

    To that end ALL DRLC posts are to be placed in here.

    Normal site rules apply.

    It is not intended to become a place to bitch and rant but somewhere to post without DRLC "knowing where you live" if you are worried about that OJAR/SJAR.

    Outbursts will be deleted as will any Opsec or Persec issues.

    Thank you.

  2. I heard they knew where we lived already (no duff)
  3. Dear DRLC,

    I would like to see the introduction of a rather smart Corps Officers / WOs jersey so that we don't look like JNCOs or the REME when in Barrack Dress. Even the Gunners have a natty, blue, chunky knit number!

  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You have nothing to worry about then Ford.
  5. Or the REME? Obviously a prize pr&*k that should have joined the Scots DGs, KRH or some other Regt steeped in history that you are not........!

    I don't take banter very well. I'm off to the corner where I can stand and cry.
  6. Dearest DRLC.

    I am constantly frustrated at the way in wich some are promoted in our glorious Corp of Log. Positive discrimination is rife in your Corp, sir, and it is increasingly becoming a source of unrest, disillusionment and, quite frankly, pissed off attitudes (or even all of the above).

    In the past I have personally seen:

    A lance corporal of asian origin, be caught by his orderly corporal drink driving. No charges were brought by the C.O of course, because this lance jack had passed Westbury main board and was awaiting entry to Sandhurst, we all know that those of certain ethnic origin are under represented at officer level, fearing losing a thumbs up from his peers, the C.O managed to keep it as 'in house' as possible. The asian fellow is now a one pip wonder.

    In similar circumstances, a newly-promoted W02, caught 'in house' drink driving. The C.O. kept this quiet because he didn't want his judgement to be frowned upon by his masters, after all, the WO in question was about to become Master Driver, and has since done well for himself.

    A troop commander (Lt), whose man management was so poor that 3 complaints, by females, were made against him for things he'd said or done behind closed doors. Nothing seemed to have been done about it, and it became apparent this Lt hated women in the army. He was promoted to Captain, not long after 2 nco's, at different times (we're talking months here), swung for the Capt, in each case they said the capt was winding them up on purpose, saying things about there wives out of ear shot of others. Who would doubt a commissioned officers word? Each was bust in the aftermath. It won't be long before he's an O.C, gold help his squadron.

    There are other examples, but this is why I'm cheesed off with the RLC, I consider it full of people who preach one thing, and practice another...there's nothing like looking after your soldiers, eh Sir?

    Bestest Regards

    A lowly Log

    P.S Thanks for promoting me at the last board ;)
  7. SMMP.

    Bet your PM inbox gets a bit of a hammering. Are you trying to say, for example, that when only 1 Sgt gets selected for promotion to SSgt, it's an asian gentleman with only 3 years left to serve? Just a random example of course.

  8. What? No of course not. I'm saying what happened; the C.O who had recommended the lad and told westbury that this lad is the greatest thing since sliced bread, if he'd have been caught D&D then the CO's credibility would have gone sh!t bust.
    You can't deny the army is after more ethnic minority recruits, especially at Officer level where numbers are rock bottom anyway, am I a pessimist for observing that race would never have entered the picture? That there would have been extra kudos attached to this recruitment?
    I'm not after an argument about race right and wrongs, I'm just telling it as it was was the interpretation I found in the play, so to speak.
  9. Im sure there maybe more open letters to DRLC after next Thurs!! :D :(
  10. Sorry mucker, I've been out the mainstream for awhile, which board is next thursday? And how open is anonymous?
  11. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    WO2 board me thinks. It is always a source of endless mirth and top whinges such as and I quote ‘how the bloody heck did they …’ Just add expletives to taste.

  12. As Percy says, the WO2 board. I myself will be looking towards the end of the year for the Cpl board.....been waiting for my 2nd tape for past 4 years. Heres hoping. :)
  13. I waited for 9 years before giving up, so I wouldn't get your hopes up ;)
    Mind you, average time to CPL in my trade at the time was 14 years according to MRO behind the closed doors of a road show interview (it also didn't help being retraded against my will at my 5 year point either, so I went back to year zero career wise).
    I guess my point is that DRLC should ensure careers are managed correctly rather than just trying to fill gaps in undermanned trades at the expense of the soldiers chance of future advancement.
  14. Spot on, we've all seen it too much, I had friends who were VM's...can DRLC really ensure that a VM who was a 5 year private, who then had to change trade (because the trade was dissolved), will have his career looked after on a par with others who have served the same length of time? It'll be at least - at the very best - his 7 year point to get his lance jack...then 10/11 year full screw maybe.

    Compare it with the trades they've tried to fill quickly, such as rad Ops and Movers, where promotion is rapid.
  15. :?