The RLC - Are some of us in denial?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by CakewellTart, Dec 6, 2005.

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  1. With the advent of civil ceremonies I pondered why there is a perception held by a minority that on occasion we as a Corps are neither Civil nor Ceremonious collectively. 12 years on from our inception have we forged an identity or are we hanging on to yesteryears? How many of us at dinner parties or in the presence of other capbadges when asked what we do mention everything but the word logistics or RLC? Importantly how can we foster and forge, if it is required, a greater collective Corps pride. Is this important considering we have sadly lost soldiers on operations and off duty wearing our capbadge?
  2. The RLC is a reflection of what is happening to the Country as a whole. When you lower the standards and allow any old dross in, the motivation of the few is watered down by the mincing mass.
  3. No one mentions the RLC or Logistics is cause they are embarresed about it. There are not many that are proud or their corps. Those that were RAOC RCT RE ACC etc are proud of their previous cap badges because they had lot s of history and something to be proud of. Standards have lowered theres a new blood in the system. Whats there to be proud of? Unfortunatly the mincing mass are a lot of the newbies be they junior soldiers or young officers. This is the level we as society have reached, a very poor one.
  4. I have no drama mentioning that I am in the RLC - if you have, I suggest you have image or self worth issues. What do you claim to do when asked? Would we not be better off having a bit of pride in what we do as individuals - that is how you end up with team and Corps pride. of course you could always whine and be a chippy TW#T about things.

    I mean what have we done since formation? Every operation the Army has been on, gallantry awards galore, Military Cross, FRESCO, UN operations, foot and mouth and all stops in between. If you have put out crap results on each or any of these, then you should be personally ashamed.

    of course, you could always go and do something else!
  5. Playing the Devils Advocate.

    The basic RLC bod problem - is this new? We have historically always had instances where the British soldiers standard has been called in to question. Maj Gen John Frost CB DSO MC remarked that during the formation of the Parachute Regiment:

    "Perhaps our greatest problem in those early days was the lack of good reliable was more by accident than by design that some of them wore a sergeant's stripes. Very few people were able to enforce their authority unless an officer was actually present and a large number of men suffered under the misapprehension that military discipline was out of date." It clearly did not become an issue shortly after.

    Slim argued strongly that discipline not punishment was the key to success. Are we suggesting that it is those we are accepting in to the Forces are to blame rather than those who already in who should be the guardians of its' standards. Was Frost right? Are those wearing the rank to blame in part for relying on punishment rather than discipline, training and example. What is the difference between the RASC and the RLC Driver. Is the truth that we are good, very good and we would be more inclined to wear a Corps tie if as a collective if we worried less about being glamourous and more about being professionally recognised i.e. accepting what we are?
  6. I work outside the mainstream RLC, and I am quite proud to be a loggie. I gleefully enjoy baiting G3 by using loads of Log terminology and watch them wilt. Use words like GLOBAL, URS and Sustainability and watch them frown.
    We as combat logisticians know far more about how they do business then they do about us.
    But we do have problems, and it Irks me to hear people use terms like trogs and stackers, especially from JNCOs who certainly joined the RLC and not the forming Corps.
    I have even seen an ex-RCT officer still wearing his RCT collar badges when he was an OC. The CO didn't do anything about how will we ever bond properly if the hierachy refuses to grip individuals like this.
    And why do the ex-RCT always come across as frustrated infantry types? If I get ambushed I intend to try and drive away if I can, not get out and start conducting section battle drills at every opportunity.
    We are right to be rpoud of who we are...but we need to cull the old guard first.
  7. What doesn't help is when a senior (G3) officer describes one's Corps as "Log Puke"
  8. Trogs want to fight through because a good ambush on a convoy will always knock out the front and last vehicles. Where do the rest have to go then? Sit and get slaughtered in our trucks? no way!!! Get out and fight through. Die Like a hero not like a wet lettuce.
  9. This really pissed me off :twisted: . There are plenty of very good junior officers and JNCOs in the Corps. If those you have met are not any good, perhaps you should look to yourself and help to improve them.

    I am proud of everything that our corps has achieved since its inception. It is not perfect, things do need changing, but name a new organisation that doesn't and for that matter even old organisations need to evolve and reinvent themselves to suit the climate.
  10. Well said pet....are the painters in?
  11. Not yet........worse to come.
  12. Speak for yourself JBB - if you don't like it you can always sign off and earn more money in civvy street! Sorry to sound -ve, but over 10000 soldiers can't be wrong! You could always ask for an interview with DRLC or the CRSM and explain your concerns!

    "We Sustain" - and we do it well!

    PS: if there is so little "esprit-de-corps" in the RLC, how come Central Mess Functions are often oversubscribed?
  13. Thank you.
  14. Well everyone is quick to shout out about the old remembering from where they came. I have said it before, BANTER. You can't beat it. I am proud of my old Corps and will carry on to be. I am also proud of the RLC. If our beloved Corps is full of people that have no pride it is up to us to educate them. After all, a lot of them take their perception of the Corps from us. There are a lot of Seniors that have no pride and air their thoughts in public.......

    Picture paints a thousand words?

    Hello pot this is kettle?
  15. Proud of both my forming Corps and RLC. I work in an All Arms environment and it is funny how much impact the log chaps and chapesses are respected here and how much excellent banter there is.

    I don't have to fight the log cause internally and interesting several senior iofficers have admitted that the focus in the past was too G3 centric. I doubt that will have much effect, but at least recognition is there. Our Corps is only as good as the people in it. Take a good look in the mirror and if your not good enough - you know where the Mess Webley resides!