The RLC and the Seven P's

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jul 9, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - Glamorgan University rape soldier's 'meticulous plans'

  2. He must be innocent as an RLC soldier doesn't have the military skills to meticulously plan operations.
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  3. Meticulous planning? His name's Haynes? When's the manual coming out?
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  4. Is it not Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies Pies?
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  5. They do....up until the point of insertion!;-)
  6. Still look on the brightside nice to see the Corps tradition being kept alive
  7. Fuck the pair of you, we might have issue's with fat useless bastards but we lead the army when in come to sex pests and perverts.
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  8. I was reading a report yesterday that puts the level of ex-servicemen in prison for sex offences as more than double the average for the rest of the population.

    What the hell's that all about?
  9. it's because the civilian population don't grasp the concept of suprise sex.
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  10. Fuck off, you are well and truly miles behind the REME when it comes to sexual deviants.
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  11. Sorry, I should have been clearer, I was only talking about hetrosexual sex pests and perverts.
  12. Having looked over the posts on arrse the report surprises you?
  13. No, and you don't surprise me either, you dull-as-fuck sock puppet.

    Welcome to the forum.
  14. Erm, thanks................
  15. Hang on, before we award the RLC first place in the sexual perves league, let us consider the R Signals. D'you recall the unfortunate Micky the Moray or the equally unfortunate guy who had a prelidiction for dressing as a bride (no wonder Basil Hill Bks Offrs' Mess was reputed to be haunted by "the lady in white"). nd I'm not even going to consider the REME in this competition.... Thank heavens the teeth arms are too busy hedge-lurking to get up to this shenannigans.