The RLC according to me.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. The CO- Its my train set! I know it will work as those below me will bust a gut to make it work.
    The 2ic- Its His train set till hes goes away, then its mine and I will change lots till the CO gets back, after all I will never get my own regiment.
    The adjutant - I dont care who's train set it is as long as the CO stays off my back and gives me a good Ojar.
    The RSM- Its his train set and IT WILL RUN SMOOTHLEY!!! PIck that litter up, Salute Officers in civillian cars, you will wear your beret indoors.

    The OC- This is my little train set and as long as the CO is happy then im happy regardless of how happy the troops are.
    The Sqn 2ic- I could be a young Capt or an Ex Ranker, in the first instance its my chance to make an impression in the second 22 yrs just wasnt enough( I want a longer sentence)
    The SSM- Young flyer or older more experienced, the first instance dont care couldnt give a flying f**k you will do as your told no matter how stupid the orders, the second, better man management, more respected by all has less discipline probs due to troops not requiring to let of steam at every opportunity.

    The Troop Comd- You cant tell me I know it all, they told me that at Sandhurst.

    This is where I find it hard to differentiate, the lower ranks fall into many categories,
    Any way this is my opinion, yes I am bitter, I knew what I was getting myself into 16 years ago but still I joined.
    What I think im trying to say is that no-one gives a toss about those below them they only care about themselves and what those above think about them. What happened to man management????????
  2. I sold it on Ebay for 2 pence !
  3. And you've only just noticed?

  4. So your the one who did that :evil:
  5. Im a mug, I beleived what they told me.
    "its a good career move"
    "it was a good CR"
    "you were one point away from the promotion line"
    and to top it all
    "next year will be your year!!!"

    Ive always known the Army is crap but sometimes you put up with the shit because it may be worth it in the end.
    Now im going to use the Army for what I can get out of it not what I can give.

    To all those that got promoted today, congratulations.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I take it you missed out on todays board then?

    Oh well, there's always next year.
  7. Fortunatly I already have that one under my belt so to speak.
  8. Well Jonny, let's see:
    1. Your pseudonym suggest your are "bored" and fed up with your career.
    2. Your avatar picture suggests undirected aggression. (UP URS too, pal)
    3. You can't spell.
    4. You can't use a spell checker
    5. You like a good whinge
    6. You like pigeonholing the management chain into stereotypes and making broad sweeping statements.
    7. You don't like the fact that you are not progressing up the very chain you appear to denegrate.

    Hey, guess what, you wouldn't be on my top ten list for promotion with an apparent character like that.

    Chill out, cheer up and learn to spell - maybe you'll get promoted. Or maybe you'll whinge back at this comment and reinforce my prejudice.

    Cheers now!
  9. oops. denigrate not denegrate... :D :oops:
  10. Hello greenhouse this is stones, over.
  11. :oops:

    I hear the sound of tinkling broken glass :p
  12. I hear the sound of tinkling, but thats because i just swamped the sofa
  13. FAO Trapper

    1. Correct. I am in dire need of a new direction, my current job offers me no motivation as its too easy, need a new challenge to sink my teeth into. Any Ideas?
    2. Correct. My sister said I looked like him!!! But yes there is some pent up anger and frustration in there probably due to the above. (psycological evaluation eh?)
    3. Correct. Could spell quite well before competers and spell checker.
    4. Correct. This web page doesnt have spell checker or I would use it.
    5. Correct. Yes I like to whinge, I dont do it at work so this is my chance to.
    6. Correct. If I were to name names I would be in a whole world of pooh. I am quite sensible so dont wish to jeopardize the tiny career I have.
    7. Correct. If I ever get to those dizzy ranks I would make sure I dont fall into any of the catergories that I wrote about.
    Correct on all counts.
    Oh well constructive critisism is always good for self development. To all those that dont fit my stereotypical opinion, I apologise for any offence caused.
    Contrary to your perception of me and your prejudiced views, Im not that bad a bloke. I do smile occaisonally, Im too chilled out for my own good,
    Maybe licking arse is the way forward...........nah never.
  14. Good man. I've just changed my prejudiced opinion of you.

  15. There is always somebody who picks people up for their spelling etc which normally doesn’t detract from their argument. If that flicks your switch then gather up your red pen and a get a job as an Adjutant!

    Trapper states that the whole chain of command is over generalised by Johnny’s post. If that is the case then why is his simplification ring true of my current Unit and previous ones I have served with? I wonder how many people out there find that the general profiles out there correspond to their Regts past and present.