The rising

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Trotsky, Aug 29, 2005.

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  1. Have just come out of the cinema after watching a film about the Indian Mutiny called the rising.

    It had a top asian babe content and a dead good bolywood dreams sound track. BUT it was very one sided and tried to tell us that the British encouraged a slave trade in India in 1857 to stock officers Brothels, also the old and I am told discredited idea about the cow and pig fat on the lads rifle cartridges.

    The only white officer who was at all competent was told that "he was not a real white man" and servants were beaten on a regular basis.

    Anyone else seen this?

  2. Wanting to see it the usual 4+ hours Bollywood marathon or "normal" length?
  3. Bollywood re-writing history ala Braveheart\The Patriot methinks. Almost all of the Uk press I've read on this film have discredited all historical aspects of it as utter tosh and it reeks of India (or certain elements of it) tring to make history in an image more sympahetic to themselves as opposed to the many independant warring factions which occupied the territories which the East India Company started to make deals with or overthrew when provoked.

    P.S. The whole issue of the pig\beef fat cartidges is a total lie. Both Hindus' and Muslem troops had cartridges coated with beeswax as the British knew and respected their respective religions and traditions.
  4. Its about 3 hours long, I recommend going and seeing it. I got stared at for my occassional shouts of "bollocks" during the slave trade scenes but you would be forewarned.

  5. hmm - no thanks. Its one of those times in history when both sides are firmly in the wrong. That is of course from the modern perspective.