The Rise of the Centrist

In the Christian world yes, although not in the Islamic, where ideology continues to dominate. Interestingly, the progressivists seem most interested in attacking the nation state and looking to dismantle it, rather than other ideologies, which it consciously avoids. I think this is why progressivism struggles theoretically with China, which is ideology and state rolled into one...
Your starting to see my point and it was based on psychology. The essential absence of ideology in the west was our greatest strength and as ever in nature, its become our greatest weakness because we had passed much of our identity into the state.. Now everybody says that's moronic, the state is an anachronism and so our culture has become nihilistic and broken. The entire wests being has lost identity and is leading to enormous levels of rising mental health.. The rest of the world and not just China has to some extent retained its ideology and fused it to the state, with the ready excuse that all the problems stem from colonialism and the post-colonial system we created and they're see has kept them down and really are a serious threat, that created people like Bin Laden.

The moderate/centrist is the same in most countries. They're simply don't perceive things falling apart around them and have adopted the idea that consensus building is the way to keep the body together and avoiding arguing is a good thing. Naturally, the result is progressives have successfully driven out anyone who would argue with itself and the consensus is the progressives being pandered too by the centrists.


I saw a quote today on FaceAche of all places (on one of the news sites' comment pages)...

With the first link, the chain is forged.
The first speech censured
The first thought forbidden
The first freedom denied
Chains us all, irrevocably.

I decided to Google it and was surprised to see it's a quote from that super-inclusive, super-ethical, holier-than-thou, woke-fest, Star Trek.

From the first ever inter-racial kiss on screen in the original series, to a woman of colour literally saving the entire universe in every episode of the latest series - Star Trek has pioneered progressivism for what, 6 decades now?

I've seen a couple of the films over the years, and I watched a fair bit of the Next Generation back in the mid 90s and occasionally on Sky when there's nothing else on.

But who knew such a pertinent and (in my opinion) powerful statement could come from such a place - a show back then to be what would be considered woke BS on today's telly?

It just makes me wonder how much our moral compasses have changed over time and suggests, to me, that perhaps the datum has shifted?

Would today's Centrist be considered a lefty do-gooder back in the late 80s?

If so, it probably explains why people my senior get a bit of a bag on when they're considered "bigoted" or "narrow-minded". Simply as it's not them who have changed - but everything else around them?

A lesson there, somewhere, perhaps?

And I cannot help feeling that what was simply penned on the whim of the show's writer back then, will continue to have more and more significance as our speech is slowly but surely limited and the cancel culture we see blooming today, grows ever more and infects every aspect of what we see, hear, say or even think.

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