The rise of political lying

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 10, 2005.

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  1. A new book by Peter Oborne (Spectator political editor who was once so p!ssed that he fell into the Thames) that promises to repeatedly put the boot into Bliar.

    Synopsis courtesy of Amazon:

    Buy it tomorrow!
  2. Might be tempted.........however, when will we the British electorate say enough is enough :?

    Why do we not have a law that punishes political lying, especially from those incumbents in govenment :?:

    If there is one, then why is not used :?:

    is there an independent review body to observe for political lying :?:
  3. My opinion is that lies are endemic to politicians. In these days of yah boo government where something that happened yonks ago is thrown ito a debate, no government or political party can afford to tell the truth in a c0ck-up situation. Were they to do this, the admission that they were less than 100% perfect would be hurled in their face for evermore. People are still talking about appeasment prior to the 39-45 War!
  4. To be honest (8)), I don't think politicians do lie, they are far too clever for that and lying would just play into the hands of their opponents.

    What they do is make something sound like a promise when in fact it is nothing of the sort. 'We plan to do XYZ' is the classic; it sounds like a commitment but in fact means bugger all. After all, I plan to sleep with half the female newsreaders in the country, but will it happen? :D
  5. You think wrong then...there is something in the make-up of 99% of politicians which means they will do anything at all to get to the top of the greasy pole. Moreover they will do anything to saty up there, even when to any rational person the cause is not just lost but so is the map to find it again!

    Most politicos are slightly sullied when they start, with cracks in their integrity either through obfuscation, petty wrong-doing or because their ambition leaves them wide open. They then just seem to gets worser and worser. This is internationally a truth and not just a UK phenomenon. Mikhail Bakunin the russian anarchist said "Once power is in the hands of the people, they cease to operate for the people but for themselves. If you do not know this, you do not know human nature..."

    There are very few men of principle in parliament these days and it seems none in government. I cannot think of one politician in the current front benches that i would choose to breed from. Corrupt, bankrupt and intellectually unstimulating or stimulated would be a summary of these two rows. Siting them on green leather benches away from the real world is actually a pretty good idea, providing we withdraw their legislative powers too...
  6. I'd agree 100% with that Cuddles. My point was that they never simply lie, there is always a qualification in what they say. To prove the point, quote a politician saying anything that has been proved to be a lie.
  7. AWOL,

    Jeffery Archer, David Blunket, Peter Mandelsoni can't be ARRSED to go on except for perhaps TB and i think that this will be confirmed in the next few weeks.
  8. Channel 4's FactCheck aims to test the claims made by politicians in the current campaign.

    It's one of several election-related links available HERE
  9. How do you tell when a politician is lying? :D
  10. daz

    daz LE

    When you see their lips move :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  11. Pollies cannot help but lie. Tis' like the "core promises" from Little Johnny that meant everything else was basically a big fat lie - yes you tw@t we know you lie through your teeth so stop looking shocked on the 1800 news it is not convincing and neither are you. Bliar and his mob are just as much a shower as the lot out here.

    The other side are no better the classic being Bob 'I only sh@gged her for the publishing rights' Hawke and his "no child will be living in poverty" speech then was qualified by he misread it and it was meant to say "no child will need to be living in poverty". Utter twaddle. He is a slimeball as is every politician without fail. Get their snouts in the trough, give them a tax payer funded cushy lifestyle and a massive pension if they need it and they change from being "good upstanding citizens" to individuals even cockroaches shun.

    The spams...well says it all really does it not?

    Watch their body language when pollies are speaking from their script and see how carefully constructed it all is by their advisors. Then see them when they get caught by voters or (god forbid) decent interviewers and see their veneer crack sharpish :lol: They might do better sticking to the big four at least they should be right saying their name without lying...