The Rise and Rise of Teen Gang Warfare

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by skintboymike, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Rap music and American gang culture

  2. Poorly handled immigration

  3. Poor parenting

  4. Easily obtained illegal weapons

  5. Poor policing

  1. Once again stories abound of children being stabbed to death by other children;

    I have to say I've had enough of this so called 'Yoof Cultcha'. People afraid to go out at night, kids at school stabbing each other as readily as I used to give out chinese burns when I was at school. How much worse can this get?

    Just thought I'd try to get a view from fellow ARRSEers to find out how best to put the world to rights. That's what we're best at, obviously.
  2. As i've said before I'm all for the little fcukers killing each other off as it's a few less to terrorise the innocent victims.
  3. A clockwork orange springs to mind..
  4. I'm all for use of a cattle prod on the little feckers ... and any group of more than two should be cs gassed. This could also be applied to MP's, grauniad readers and Arrse trolls.
  5. Anything that keeps Dawn French off the TV is fine by me.
  6. There was always a gang culture, at least where I grew up. There was some very serious fights too, particularly between different schools, but to my knowledge, no knives were ever used.
  7. I voted for poor policing as they cant wade in and beat the carp out of them,id have voted for poor parenting, but as they will never know their fathers and most probably their mothers i didnt
  8. There is an option missing from the poll, one that says: ALL OF THE ABOVE
  9. It seems that you have identified all of the reasons, I believe are the causes except one DRUGS they are now probally the main source of income in areas where modern gang culture have taken control, given the choice between ekking a living with a job and makeing a lot more money by being part of the DRUG supply system it is unfortunatly a no brainer.
  10. I would have to agree with goldfishfart. there are many variables and factors that make the sum. I would add weak government and general lack of morals.
  11. It started through a weak government, that allowed the children of the time to grow with their chav ideals untouched. They then breed their 12 children and they all grow up getting arrested numerous times on the way, but always supported by rappers and their chav parents. These children will then develop their 'hoods' or gangs and start fighting for 'turf' while having their 12 kids and the vicous circle continues.

    Chances are they don't work either.
  12. I think it is the last 3 plus others such as we should have harsher punishments for the little sh1tes.

    We were all probably given a clip round the ear when we were young, but perants can no longer do that incase they get done for abuse or something. Also police cannot just grab the chav by the scruff and lob him in the van etc.
  13. I nearly included this but decided not to. You'll note the title asks for a main contributing factor. The poll suggests that these reasons are all already to blame, and if I'd included an 'all of the above' option, nobody would have voted for any of the others. I was merely trying to invoke discuss as to which cause is more prominent than the others, or which single reason may be an underlying cause for the others.

    Disappointingly, I also included 'me an ma crew ain't seen niffink, whatchoo lookin' at?', but it failed to materialise on the finished poll. Shame.
  14. I don't believe on going soft on the little fcukers... that is another main reason. The Policing of this country is now almost non existent. Going out to a gang who are shouting and causing a nuisance does not get the officers there bonus and means allot of paperwork for fcuk all..

    I would also agree with the majority that parenting (from all races, colours and creeds) in this country for a fair percentage is awful. Getting Keith Cheggers too young and then practically abandoning the child/ren to the grandparents or whomever so they can then enjoy there youth.

    First hand experience with this - my fcuking sister. Nephew is now a wee sh1te!
  15. Agreed. Why the hell should it fall to the grandparents and the older people of a country (both here and back home) to school the little cnuts in right and wrong if they theoretically have parents out there somewhere?

    Discipline starts at home. This is irrespective of culture, ethnicity or economic status. Respect for the fact that there is someone bigger and more powerful out there that can stop you from doing what you please also starts there, too.