The Rinteln Bus

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Arters, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. Good god, what scarey times they were in the black and white days.
  2. I bags the one in the back row... next to Matron...
  3. That beats this lot. It's not quite what I had in mind when I heard a minibus of nurses had finally turned up.

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  4. Is that the busload of nurses you were waiting for. Fuck me, I hope you weren't waiting too long for those horror stories...
  5. Out of curiousity, was it only ever Rinteln the bus was supposed to be coming from? Only I'm not surprised it never turned up, in the year I was there I never saw a bus and you'd have had to go down to the rugby club and drag the nurses out of there if it had!Actually, thinking about it, the only time during my service there was ever a bus to any dos was when I was basic, our Naafi bops were far too good to be bothered going anywhere else! But I suspect you already know that....
  6. that fucking bus must have burnt some fuel.
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  7. and then caught fire along the way.
  8. You lot do realise the Rinteln bus was re-roled as the Arrse Outrage bus, don't you? Why else do you think it's always full to bursting when it sets off, and yet - mysteriously - never actually arrives anywhere...
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  9. I think the Rinteln bus would have been a disappointment. It would have pulled up but there was only space for two nurses inside.
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  10. Contrary to popular belief, there were more than just one bus-load of nurses. Wroughton, Halton and Ely all had their respective transports (that never turned up), and it was rumoured that Wegberg also had one on standby. I only ever encountered one bus-load of nurses. Unfortunately, it was empty - unlike my (permanently-filled) sacks. Don't even mention Rhinedhalen. There was more chance of seeing a yeti on a unicycle than the mythical bus-load of yank nurses.
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  11. My word, the mind boggles, Spam Nurses, must have been one hell of a size
    Bus to get their Fat American Arrsers in.
  12. "No, lads, don't go down town and drink in the Eisbar with all the local totty. Spend the night here in our grotty reggie bar; we've got the Black Panther disco, and that busload of nurses from Rinteln is going to turn up this time."

  13. Lets not forget the BMH in Berlin- but then who needed nurses when we had grotty chalotty
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