The rights of the few outweigh the rights of the many!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ishinryu, Aug 15, 2006.

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  1. Read the following:

    As Lord Stevens stated the other day:

    "I'm a white, 62-year-old, suit-wearing ex-cop - I fly often, but do I really fit the profile of a suicide bomber?" Hallelujah, some body with a bit of common sense.

    Why do we continue to try to appease the minority at the deteriment to the majority? I am sorry, but the threat comes from MUSLIM men, of Asian or Middle Eastern origin, not from Grannies or white women with children. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Profiling works, the Israelis have proved it. Why haven't we done this before, straight after 9/11 would have been the perfect time.

    Rant Over.

    Peace out.
  2. I think the said senior police officer needs reminding that whilst not all Muslims are terrorists , whether he likes it or not all terrorists are Muslims.
    I guess like most Muslims he doesn't like having to face the truth
  3. Alienate them all the way back to where they came from if you like.
  4. Something else for them to cry about. Thing is that most of your average muslims on the street seem to think that this is all a gobment conspiracy and that we are discriminating them.......

    Multiculturalism has a lot to answer for... :evil:
  5. Abolish religion, no religion no problem :p
  6. Not all Muslims are of Asian or Middle Eastern origin.

    Some of the most rabiate Muslims are recent converts from Europe and America.

    Take John Walker? the American captured in Afghanistan for example.
  7. At the end of the day, all profiling will do is 'target' those individuals for extra scrutiny whilst allowing others to progress through with a 'normal' level of security, which will still include all the necesaary checks already in place. As has already been said, if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear. Accepting the blatant fact that the profile is essentially correct as has been borne out by fact, if the muslim community really wants to see an end to all of this as much as we do, they have to commit to that beleif and get with the programme.

    If profiling is used and 10,000 innocent folk are mucked about for a few minutes but it stops just one bomb then that to me is justifiable.

    Besides, it just goes back to the old argument, 'When in Rome'... WE make the rules in this country, like or lump it - and if lump it means buggering off elsewhere, then feel free to do so................
  8. Intelligence gathered has set the profiles for indicating a terrorists, it's not a north of the border sweaty using a government paid for ticket so why do I need to show off the inside of my shoes to SY?

    It is however predominantly muslim men hence you will be stopped more often. Don't blame the system but all those in paradise with their 17 virgin wives who have made it so.............
  9. With this Government the whole when in Rome thing has been thrown out a long time ago. We are not alienating anyone, it is an accepted fact that nowadays a terrorist is more likely than not to be Muslim. Also the Muslims are forgetting that not only do we have to worry about Islamic extremists we also have to worry about the more dissident Irish republican terror groups out there who aren't happy with the cease-fire etc. As for Chief Supt Dizaei saying that passengers shouldn't be screened according to race, religion, background etc perhaps he should go to any international airport. Why are there more customs officers around when flights come in from Jamica, Amsterdam etc? Is it because it is proven that more drugs come in from these countries than others? Yes, so precautions are being taken.
    We don't want to segregate anybody we just want to ensure the correct precautions are in place to avoid a terrorist attack.
  10. Correct, but the vast majority are and that is why…

  11. Is it just me or anyone else seeing the obvious here? If the government admit to using profiling, terrorist organisations will just ratchet up their recruiting of individuals who don't fit the profile.
    If you're going to use profiling for f*cks sake, don't tell anyone!
  12. I've just seen this cartoon in the Telegraph. Brilliant!

  13. Yes. Islam - it isn't a racial issue at all, it is a philosophical one. Anyone can espouse Islam regardless of nationality. Luckily in the UK the Islamic community is quite focused and indeed in some areas ghetto-ized (in some cases by their own isolationism, in others by native dwellers attitudes). This makes identifying possible outlets for extremisim easy but corrolarily it makes infiltration and espionage against them difficult. Likewise it makes it hard for Islamic terrorists to function outside their hinterlands but it also means that we have a "perception" of what an Islamic terroriist looks like, dresses like and all it takes is a shave and some nifty clobber and "Bango"!

    There is indeed a right to religious free expression, unless of course you are a practising Christian(!), however no religious observance outweighs public safety. Minority rights is a great USP for British society but only where they do not impinge upon the majority rights of the remainder. Just as majority discrimination against minorities is equally reprehensible.
    Every witness to recent events has said, they all looked so ordinary/common[place et cetera.
  14. Profiling = common sense, and has been employed for eons.

    This copper should be sacked forthwith, as he would obviously refrain from checking all paedophiles when a child is taken/interfered with.

    FFS !!.
  15. Remember the "peace march" in London where the young man thought it fine to wear a suicide vest , if he had marched in front of my stag position I would have shot him square between the eyes and not stopped firing till he stopped twitching.

    Reason he fit the profile plus was wearing a suicide vest.

    People forget in this country that we fought a war against terroroists that were white. Profiling was harder then, now it is abit easier with this religious group we should use all the tactical advantages that we can get. This senior police officer should not be berating the Government but berating the Muslim population of britain for not acting harder and faster.

    I dont like to tar people with the same Brush , in fact in the service of this Government I have found myself in other countries trying to stop ethnic cleansing. So I understand ethnicity better than most police officers, they may find themselves at the scene of a race hate crime, never seen them counting bodies in a village where people were killed by power tools.

    I still wake up in cold sweat with those images burned on my mind.