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The Righteous Brothers, rightously famous!

Why did two singers forming a duo become so cosmic? One of the reasons is they teamed up with Phil Spector, but another reason is that they were ideally mismatched, with the dark, soul-wridden voice of Bill Medley contrasting with the angelic, pure voice of Bobbie Hatfield.

But here’s why they became famous in the first place. No tricks, no voice-doubling, no microechoing, just their inimitable voices and the famous Spector “Wall of Sound”


They consequently became known for a song called “Unchained Melody”, a standard which had been recorded countless times, not least by Britain’s own Jimmie Young, among others. But it wasn’t until the Righteous Brothers’ Bobbie Hatfield applied himself to it that it became a classic! Listen to this live version (remember, there were no snaggy technical tricks in those days) of it and wonder at his vocal range!


If you’re still wondering why Bobbie Hatfield’s version is still the absolute standard, and if you want to get an idea of the utterly awesome vocal range he represented, get a load of this, different, live version of the same song (remember, this was before the days of electronics – what your hear is what you get!):


It’s small wonder that the Righteous Brothers are in the Music Hall of Fame, where they very rightly belong!

i prefer tucker and garvey's version meself :)

Seriously this version has to be the very best. Pure talent.

Cheers for the link bugsy
suits_U said:
i prefer tucker and garvey's version meself :)

Seriously this version has to be the very best. Pure talent.

Cheers for the link bugsy
I do believe thou taketh the piss! If so, I've seriously bitten. I've never seen the series "Soldier, soldier" and I've only ever seen those two clowns perform Unchained Melody on youtube. But if you're really serious, well .....

There's no real memorial to Bobby Hatfield, who sadly died in 2003, so this is as good as it gets:


But you might try this as well as a document of the enduring talent of Bill Medley (he's the other one of the Righteous Brothers):


You never know!


Edited to say: I actually put "...thou taketh the p1ss!", but that fückin' censor thingy took over again. I mean, what's wrong with p1ss! It's not as if it's never been used before in the history of the fückin' world, is it?

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