The right to buy scheme

Council house dwellers are to be offered 50% off to buy their homes.
Based on my flimsy knowledge of economics I do not agree with this.

I know people who I went to school with who went straight on the dole, obtained council houses, spent the next 20 years flitting in and out various jobs as neccesary and now are the owners of their homes which are worth 100k plus on today's market.
Am I right to be outraged or am I missing something? Like I said - I'm no economist.


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Err!! aren't you a bit behind? Margaret Thatcher passed this into legislation in the Housing Act 1980. So it's nothing new.
To qualify for RTB you must have been a tenant for a minimum of 5 years and newly purchased properties can no longer be sold on the open market without offering the Social landlord the right to refuse on buying it back.
The heavy discount was always an option but the fees under the RTB scheme were huge, therefore narrowing the field of buyers to the better end of the spectrum of social tenants.
Right to Buy was fine in the early 80s until people started treating property as an investment rather than somewhere to live, and the "ladder" was born, due in part to raids on pensions etc. Restrictive conditions in deeds could sort this out.
Like I said, I referred to the original scheme under Maggie but it's about to be restarted.

I think they have gone the wrong way about this. I know some quite well off people who live in council houses. They are well off due to a combination of benefits and self-employed businesses.

It grips my shit that people like that can get on the housing ladder so easily.
I left that man's Army in 1991, in Nov 1990 I contacted my local Council, Wakey,

and was amazed to be told that my time in HMF (22yrs) counted as time on the

Council List.....three weeks later I was told that a 4 Bedroom house was mine if

I wanted it, OH YEAH! Gardening leave for 2 Months doing said house up, one

fine day whilst queueing to pay the rent, I spied Maggie's RTB Scheme Booklet

and Hey Presto 75% off, paid cash (courtesy of Lump Sum) still in the Property

today and now it's probably worth 170k+ and it's mine, all mine, I tell you!

What goes on over my fences, I care not, they leave us alone and we leave

them alone........Good ol' Maggie..the Pit shutting Bitch
The major problem is it leaves less social housing for those who need it.Though as the tories hate the poor the idea of them not living in a slum fills with them horror.They should all move into private rented accommodation so their betters can profit off of them.
We don't have anywhere enough homes and building enough would only upset the housing market.
I think there needs to be more acceptance of the general demograph of council house areas. In Plymouth there's an area called "Swilly" (North prospect). The residents were last year invited to vote on the houses being passed over to a private company on the promise of new fitted kitchens and bathrooms etc. You can guess where the vote went.

Many of those houses were 3 or 4 bedrooms with only 2 people living in them.
That area is responsible for a significant percentage in crimes across the spectrum.

I would have been better off if I "wrote myself off" earlier in life, cut corners when legal aspects were involved and used the state as a safety net.

Do I feel like a mug for having worked since I left school and not broke any laws or claimed benefits?

Yes..and evidently I am.
Maybe the market needs upsetting.

The RTB scheme was wonderful - my parents, who wouldn't have been able to afford house, could and did. Its bollocks that the house then becomes a goldmine, as ex-council houses are valued at much less than the wholly private equivalent. Which is odd, as they are generally much bigger, roomier, of better construction and have larger gardens - often front and rear. Oh, and driveways and garages.

That said, there is no way house prices can be justified at the level they are.
"Swilly" (North prospect).
Oh, God, my last posting was Plymouth (CTT) and I had to visit said naughty area
to have a word with one of the Cadets parents, a bully to his kids but a complete and
utter coward when confronted with a Zapata tashed, evil son of a bitch Bleep.

He was a short-arrsed gobshite, with the ugliest grot of a wife I've ever seen and
refused to be drawn into a deep and meaning full conversation, he was quite pitifull,

I was so pleased that someone like that backed down from little me!

It could also have been the LI and RGJ guys who were with, he was shit
scared of me...............honest.
I think it could work, sell of old stock, shift people off he books and build property of the right type for the new lot needing housing.
I've not long moved into "social housing" (can't call them council houses anymore as they are all owned by housing associations), after a 10 year wait... to be fair it was well worth the wait. A brand new three bedroom house in an area of privately owned homes, it is a house I would love to buy myself. I was (erroneously) told I'd be able to buy it as private rental counted towards the wait time so I phoned up the Housing Association to inquire further. I was told I'd get a discount of 9% but the private years didn't count so I will have to wait another 4 1/2 years. I hope I will then still be able to buy it, with some kind of discount as it is the only way I will be able to own my own home. As a single person on my income, the only thing I could afford around here otherwise would be one of those temporary wooden structures commonly found at the bottom of the garden...
Be careful of this one. On the plus side, in my view, is that Housing associations will place problem families next door to owner occupiers to avoiud having one of their own tenants next door to the ASBOs. On average it was said just two days ago "Anti-social" neighbours take an immediate 30% off your house value.

Our daughter made the mistake of buying an ex council house off its RTB owner. (Never buy from an RTB owner check it has changed hands and had a few building society surveys as the average RTB will ignore structural probs go for Vera Duckworth cladding, stick with a roof at the end of its tether and have a new kitchen too). Either side were 4 bedrromed houses owned by a Housing Assn. That means they will put the larger benefits claiming families in them !!! And in time next door to our daughter the HA moved in a family who had a history of burning their pensioner neighbour fences and sheds down, drug pushing, torturing pensioner neighbour rabbit to death, noise nuisance, violence and manipulating the police (IE as soon as anyone stood up to them they would dial 999 and get the other person done).

Three months after that feral family moved in one side and intimidation by a gang of the tenants the other side caused them to do a moonlight flit. And guess who got allocated the newly vacated house ? Yes another branch of the family who had been moved in the other side. After two years of "Keeping evidence" and being jerked around by police doing diddly about the people our daughter and son in law sent the keys to the building society and naffed off. POlice had threatened my son in law with arrest. They had arrested my wife who knocked out one of the gippo women from our daughter's neighbours. They charged my wife with breaking the noisy neighbours' stereo. They de-arrested her for the assault. At court on criminal damage the ferals failed to show up and the police case collapsed. What had happened is that one Sunday the whole estate was being blasted out by the nopise. Wife looked over fence and saw a stereo on an extension lead. The stereo was on a table next to their kiddies paddling pool and one of the ADHD teens was trying to figure out how to fill the paddling pool a bit deeper using a pressure washer the family had recetly "Acquired".

So wife went around to sort of deal with the electrical hazard. She was moving the stereo closer to their house when she was subjected to a string of verbal abuse. And unfortunately she4 vwas so shocked by the language gravity took hold of the stereo and it smashed. She then checked for the presence of electricity by stamping on it.

The ferals dialled 999. Wife dialled me. I got my neighbour to drive me over but gippo next door had last been seen running away up the road as fast as his sorry lard arse could carry him. Don't defy these people. Police will back them.

So buy at yer peril. Our daughetsr house sold at auction after 18 months and no local investor would look at it. It sold at £66,000 I think. About 55% value. The guy who bought it began to work on it but appears to have stopped. The ferals are using his drive as a parking place. They are not prepared to back down on this. The ferals have been throwing used tampons and decaying food into his back garden. The house once unocuupied had been gutted and radaitors nicked and boiler nicked etc so the new owner is starting with a rewire and complete new central heating. But the latest is that he has given up.

One night at about 2 in the morning our phone went and there were about twenty of the scum trying to force into our daughter's house. Our son in law (20 stones was defying them) so I drove over. Within five minutes fat gippo one side had gone in his house and five minutes later his fat gippo brother the other side went in his house and turned the noise down. All because they thought behind me would arrive a team. And this time they would be getting it and feck the police.

The copper said he had dealt with that family for 18 years and mostly because they were the most prolific callers to police.

Yeah Maggie very bright.
An in law of our family. Never worked. Always cash in hand and draw dole. As soon as RTB came in he got a job long enough to get a council mortgage. Then back on dole. Lovely semi. But next door now ? Half way house. Car thieves joy riding and hand brake turning in street. Three rottweilers and an alsatian and a python that escaped under the floor boards. They have had hell on. Bonfires in the early hours with aerosol cans thrown in to make nice bangs. They own their house outright. Try selling it.

And the joy of benefits. If you reduce the capital on the mortgage they keep paying the original interest as benefit (or used to) so just pay off the mortgage with money earned in the black economy and enjoy enhanced benefits. BUt in the end karma got him in the form of ferals next door. Tee hee.

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