The right to British citizenship

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Weissbier, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Following the government's announcement that foreigners applying for British citizenship have to 'earn' it through contributing to society, should British yobs have their citizenship forfeited and if so how would they have to earn it back :?:
  2. Btw, this theme is being discussed on BBC-Russian. One forumist wrote that if you have good English, look as a typical Englishman, you are well educated, skilled but born in the Soviet union then British citizenship is rather unreachable goal for you. By contrast, numerous emmigrants from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa mostly haven't any problems.
  3. That's because we don't discriminate on race, Sergey. Well, not all of us at any road. We used to run India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and large parts of Africa. We know what they're like, so we let them in. We also know what the Russians are like, so we tend not to let them in - unless they're horrendously rich, of course.

    We need to re-establish the link between rights and responsibilities, only then can we put them in the right order. This seems like as good a way as you'll strike. Mind you, since many of the doleite scum don't vote anyway, citizenship probably won't mean to much to them. We'll have to introduce a two-tier legal system to accommodate citizens and non-citizen residents.

    Or we could just gas 'em.
  4. What a bloody good idea.

    Five years service to your country - in whatever capacity from the age of 16/18 as a non grad or the age of whatever as a Graduate (Doctors would simply be asked to work exclusively for the NHS for the 1st 5 years of their career for example).

    Failure to complete said service results in the complete revocation of citizenship, and as being a citizen is the only way to guarantee access to the Welfare State, NHS etc, it is a hell of a thing to lose....

    Immigrants to the UK have to complete said stint once they rock up.

    Should sort the wheat from the chaff........
  5. This should be easy. The rules should be simply like this-

    No benefits or healthcare of any kind (other than A&E treatment) until you have paid 10 year NI contributions (maybe 5 years if joining armed services). Up until that point you can purchase health insurance at the ferry terminal/aiport. Same applied to EU citizens

    Economic migrant? fine, but you leave when your job/contract expires, want a different job then reapply for a temporary visa on the same terms, through proper channels from your home country.

    Commonwealth? cool you sorta belong but only if you are here to work and that only means you, no benefits or right of entry for family. Want 3 wives and 15 kids then stay at home. Not raised at our expense thankyou.

    We can then solve our native unemployment problems by making everybody work for the dole, (polishing catseyes on the motorway, painting kerbstones, whatever), time for an end to the something for nothing philosophy in the UK.

    Nobody should be allowed into the UK to sit on their arse at the taxpayers expense, that incudes education, housing, healthcare, the whole kit and caboodle. Why should the UK taxpayer pay for any of this for people who have no paid into the system?

    If the same rules are applied to everyone then its nothing to do with race or religion, the tax burden in this country is way to high anyway, why should it be used to subsidise those ho have not contributed?
  6. Won't work, too logical, too simple. The government need to complicate it so that it won't work, properly. Good points though.

    There are a very very very very small number of genuine immigrants fleeing persecution, the vast majority ie. the rest, are here basically for benefits although I accept that a few eastern europeans are here to work hard.

    Why have all the gippos come here, - for crime
    Why are all the illegals cueing up at Calais to come here, - for benefits.
    Most arranged marriages see the whole wider family come to Britain, - to claim benefits.
    Why are all the chinky take-aways full of illegals, - cheap labour and benefits once they are caught as they say they will be persecuted upon return
    Why can't the indian restuarants get enough chefs and are asking for more to come to England - because so many are here on benefits and don't want to work
    Chavs dont want to work - benefits only

    We are a nation of benefits scroungers and one day we will have no money left at all, and no more assets for the government to sell off.
  7. Personally,

    If somebody has the resourcefulness, determination, organisational abilities and desire to find their way across several continents without any paperwork or support and they make it here - let them stay.

    For each one that makes it; some fine British citizen who hasn't done a stroke of work for the past ten years and didn't appreciate the education they were given, has their passport removed and is then dropped off in the place where the immigrant started - if they make it back, they too can stay.
  8. That's an idea I could get behind. Darwinism enshrined in national policy.

    It'll never get off the ground, though. It'd strip away the fig-leaf that covers the "I ain't racist, but..." brigade and show that they really don't care about the actual social problem, they just want rid of the brahn peepul.
  9. Enlightenment - Spot on.

    Smartascarrots (and are you - really? :wink: ) Probably so. However you couldn't argue that it isn't EO compliant.....
  10. The only real problems I foresee are H & S. As usual.
  11. Actually my idea is to get the loyal immigrants to deport the not so loyal ones.

    Makes sense and completely non racist!

    As for the chavs, why chop down the rain forests for fig 11's when we have men standing idle?
  12. To be honest that is more or less the criteria for a British passport. Living in the UK for five years legally and paying taxes for those five years gets you Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or the right to a British passport. That is how Commonwealth and US citizens end up with British passports.
    Illegal immigrants however is a very different story...

    Mind you , I think anyone you is in prison for a third offence should have their citizenship taken off them and told to leave the UK...forever, together with their chav family
  13. You misunderstand me MBE. I mean Service with a big S. Nurse, Doctor, Fireman, Copper, Soldier, Sailor, Airman.

    Nothing outside that IMHO. And the benefits of having done that Service should outweigh the five year hit you take doing it.

    I am sure I may have missed out other deserving cases, in which case I stand by to be corrected.
  14. Right, I'm with you now. You mean like the old style French/German National Service? Not necessarily in the Armed Services, but doing something for the state (and in their case it included farming, like the Land Girls of WW2). I'm with you there.
  15. How about creating a section in the british army where all imigrants have to serve the crown for a minimum term of 10 years? :?