the right to be housed - Not with Paedos

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by drain_sniffer, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. my daughter who is 21, has had to put up with over the years all the upset of moving to places where she knows nobody and starting over. Now all she wants is to settle and be housed with her baby daughter.

    She has No Right to be housed

    she isn't entitled says the council, she has gone to school wherever we have been posted to and worked when she was old enough but she has no right to be housed!

    Being out the country she has not had enough time in any particular county to be housed say Hertfordshire council. so she lives between her friends and family so that she qualifies as homeless. she has to do this for 6 months before she is considered for the housing list!

    Today she was told by the health visitor that the hostel that the council arranged while living between family and friends is where 3 Paedo's live and now has my granddaughter at risk. she can only stay for a day or two with her friend as she lives in a 2 bedroom house with 4 kids. My mother doesn't have the room either and is cronically ill. we are two far away to help her, so that she can be seen as living in the area. it will be approximately 6 months come Oct Nov and then she can be put on a list, but she has to stay in the local vicinity. if she stays with us she loses the right to be housed near her family(where I am originally from and friends.

    unbeknown to my daughter she has lived with these delightful chaps and shares the communal areas.

    The heath visitor has told them that she is a signicant risk! No S*** Sherlock, what the hell is she suppose to do. What do service families have to do to get some BASIC help.

    You hear it often enough in the news that these people watch and wait, its a long game for them. what kind of future has she got to look forward too. I am sick to my stomach with worry.
  2. Despite such a long post, you have not actually asked a question but do you not think your daughter should have thought about all of this before getting pregnant and then sitting back and expecting to be housed by the state whilst she collects numerous other benefits.

    You are her father, if she cannot look after herself then she is your responsibility, don't go blaming the government/local councils for what appears to be a lack of good parenting on your behalf!!!
  3. ... so you know the history, do you? that's one hell of an indictment.

    I don't, however, couldn't it be possible that she was married to a soldier and has been widowed - such is happening increasingly often at the moment.
  4. Ok, whilst i do share your worry, what is the factual basis of there being paedo's, or is it just vicious rumour?

    The problem is that there are a lot of people who need help for one reason or another, and thus she goes on a list. There are only so many houses avaliable after all and why (not being nasty jsut a factual question) should she get preferential treatment for you serving? You did the time afterall!

    All that said, i would love to think that the council would look and think that a single mum with child is a high priority case, however in reality there are probbaly more deserving people, like the next boatload of illegals!!!!

    If the system was fair and just, then i could understand the stance taken, but we all know this is not always the case!
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    As a general point ok, but in this context harsh as you do not know any of the facts.

    Sniffer brings up an issue that has come up before and is now a personal one - forces life and pikey status when you leave it.
    You could argue that everyone should plan for leaving, but often that is not known. Also your peer group in the military is a particular demographic that has a low percentage of homeownership for obvious reasons.

    It is not easy comitting to a mortgage if you cannot live in the place, you have high risks and limited options.
    I would suggest a military sponsored/subsidised mortgage savings scheme with direct contributions as standard, but including an opt out for those who want to risk a cardboard box...
  6. Had a hard life have you? C0ck. Have some compassion.

    The government and local councils are the people you pay all those taxes to your entire life - In the belief that it somehow ensures you and your family will be looked after should this situation arise.

    The trouble is, I expect, that there are just so many single women with children trying to get on the housing list and there is no way to determine between dossers after an easy life and deserving cases, such as your daughters.

    On a more practical note, have you contacted the legion? I'm sure they have funding available to help anyone from a forces family, and are often able to put pressure on the authorities to get things moving.
  7. Contact the Legion NOW! .. You'll be surprised at their expertise and contacts/knowledge.

    Mind you I sympathise, when I came out I had to be evicted from my quarter and declared homeless to get anything!!! That was with a wife and 2 kids!!!

    The idea from another poster for a mortgage savings scheme is ok, but it would need some heavyweight backing to ensure money couldn't be lost.

  8. Obviously you know all about me - knob head. My daughter is a 21 year old girl living with her partner. So you think its right that a local authority house a couple with a young child in a hostel full of paedo's do you? Grow up and have a look at the real world cOck. Perhaps you are one of them?

    The council have confirmed they are their.

    Anyway, thanks to everyone else for their comments. Today the council held an emergency meeting and have agreed that it is not safe for them, so should be housed within 2-3 weeks. They are clearly negligent in this, and you have to consider where else in the country this is happening?
  9. Glad this is getting resolved. Kinda shocked the scumbag kiddy diddlers are given such easy access to children by the fricking government which is supposed to protect society. Here in the states we have access to a sex offender database which allows a person at a glance to ascertain how safe their neighborhood is...
  10. Khyros - Human rights.

    We in the UK don't allow such things. I believe it "contradicts" the rights of convicted Paedos.

    We do have a sex register, where sex offenders of all kinds get loaded onto, but it's not accessible to the public.
  11. Any man who would molest a child has sacrificed his rights far as I'm concerned...
  12. If you do some research on the "mental health act" will find that anyone administrated/convicted of a sex related crime....get private medicine and housing!!!!!!!!...... also research what excons get on release from prison if convicted of a sexual related offence!!!!!

    This has been going on for years.....but not published in the public domain!!

    Yes......research the Mental Health Act".....a real eye opener...
  13. Stupid boy.

    @drain_sniffer hope it goes well for your daughter.
  14. How have you determined that she's a deserving case?
    All we know about her is that she's 21, has a baby and doesn't have the ability to house herself so she wants the state to do it for her. It's possible that she is deserving but I don't see any evidence for it.
    Personally, I wouldn't even get a dog unless I had my own accommodation squared away, never mind a baby.
  15. Why shouldnt she be deserving? She has followed me around the world, gone to umpteen schools, yet when her time came to find her own way in life she has no tie's to any council, gets "housed" in Hertfordshire where her Gran lives and is trying to make a life with her partner, who I might add was told to give up his job and he would get housed quicker (he, rightly refused). Do you have children - I suggest you buy them a house to go along with yours now then