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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by UK_Storm_Trooper, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Dear TA ARRSE users, could you please help me with a small problem.
    Ive been approached this weekend, and asked if i would like to work for 15(NE) Brigade Training Team, teaching Phase 1 recruits, at Ripon, and Strenshall.

    My problem.
    How would my sqn/regt take this news??
    Where does this leave me, with my the job role, and responceabilities?
    My promotion prospects??
    Who would i come under? Sqn ORBAT, or Brg ORBAT?
    Who pays my wage?

    Before is slap my transfer request onto the PSAO's desk, i would like to know peoples ideas on this matter.

    Many thanks

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Who have you been approached by? Any attempt to 'poach' people without asking your Chain of Command is going to be looked on very dimly.

    If this is something you want to do, you may be better advised to request an OC's interview and tell him/her that you have been thinking about joining the Bde Trg Team...

  3. For many of those questions you'd need to have a word with your OC, I'd guess he may be reluctant to let you go but I'd expect he would fully support you.

    I hope your pleased with being offered this job, if the Sqn fights for you then also take it as a compliment.

    Well done

    p.s. keep up the cow pies (see 'the' thread)
  4. You would transfer to the 15 Bde RTC and be admin'd and paid by the Brigade HQ. All RTCs are increasing in establishment and possibly becoming independant units.

    If you go make the most of it. Do all the courses you can, being a HQ Land asset you get a good priority on courses. Keep in touch with your old unit to keep the door open for a return. Most people who make the move do not regret it.
  5. When we finished our course this weekend, all of the students were asked if they would like to join the 15 Bde Trg Team, as there as loads of positions to be filled throughout the Bde. I've not seen any paper work out yet for the trawls, but im looking out for them.
    We we told, that there would be a minimum of 2 weekends a month, maybe more at times.
  6. There is a big difference between 'I've been approached' and 'when we finished a course, all students were asked...'.

    Either way, it sounds like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

    A vacancy doesn't maketh the man.
  7. If it is a general trawl then you would have to go through a selection process I would imagine. usually along the lines of an interview with CO and another, and giving demo lessons, strictly to the DITs format.

    They would also need you to hold specialist qualifications apart from DITs.

    Two weekends a month sounds about right, it is a high comitment, if you cannot fulfill it, don't bother applying. On the plus side, there is no need to complete a two week camp.
  8. Due to the recruit training aspect of RTC's all the Training Teams have vacancies at the moment. It depends on the Brigade as to how the intend to fill them, but for the larger Bdes up to 40 Cpl-SSgt instructor posts need to be filled. Some RTC's are using the advertise and move over voluntry technique, others have tied these instructor posts to major units in the area and made 'career enhancing' by the Bde.
    So 3 Bn foot and mouth has to supply xyz RTC with 2 Sgts and 2 Cpls at the end of there three year tour or on the next vacancy in the Bn the go back to the Bn as CSgts and Sgts. Either way the individual will walk away with a shed load of instructor quals and hopefully some good CR's towards promotion.
  9. Here's a question... do you want to teach recruits? Do you want to teach at all?

    I have also seen the posters flying around 15 (NE) brigade and the heaps of vacancies that there will be. It seems like a good team there to be honest- a good bunch of blokes... :wink:

    HOWEVER... you are then commited to one weekend in two, you don't have to do camp anymore (rumour has it that you don't do your MATTS either...), you are paid by brigade I believe and come under their command.

    As for promotion, what are you now, what do you want to be? I think you need to be a L/Cpl to fill any of the posts and to be honest is pretty useful in getting a bit more respect from spotty recruits.

    Your weekends will change dramatically- no field weekends, no more shooting team, no more p1ss-ups with the boys on Saturday night in York...... :roll:

    I thought about this a while ago when our team were desperate for someone to teach first aid. I thought back to the reason that I joined the TA- my reason is to have fun, learn new skills and challenge myself. I already teach at my unit and to be honest teaching a bunch of moody recruits wasn't giong to add anything to my life. Don't think I could cope with all the chavs that come through the system at the beginning before being booted out.

    Think about why you want to do this, what you can offer, and what it will bring to you. It is not an automatic chance for promotion- don't forget that. But good luck whatever you choose!

  10. Trust me MATTS are completed as are two week camps (Although optional, its frowned on if you do not!) RTC's have supplied instructors to both TA and Reg units for up to a month for specific courses/camps and don't forget the instructor courses that must be attended such as DIT(T) CBRN etc
  11. I thought i would give this a try and see where it gets me, as im bored with my unit.
    Ive done loads of courses at 15 Bde, and as for experience, 3 yrs Lcpl, 1 tour, shit loads of Exercises: USA, Holland, Belgium, UK.
    If/when you go for the selection board to become an instructor, would they tell you what post you would fill, and would they send you on all the courses under the sun, to get you quald up, in that relevent post???.
  12. At out RTC the place has 3 wings (possibly due to bird flu or other virus), Specialist Training Wing, Sgts & above, Train the Trainer, Must re sit DITsthere for ever.

    Officer Trg Wing, most junoir rank I've seen there is SNCO again.

    Anfd the balck sheep of the centre, the recruit Trg Wing, under manned overworked, must have DIT/BIT/MOIT, don't need to re-sit, Lcpl(local Cpl) upwards, pass interview must attend all w/es training for first three months!, minimum commitment 80 days per year, teaching recriuts is fun, rewarding but 'king hard work at times, you get priority on most instructor type courses as posted into establishment.

    Posted for 2-3 years able to extend if asked.

    Admined by Bde, ie pay, can still attend unit2-3 times a month.

    Depending on instructor quals depends on how much time you spend in tyhe boonies.

    Promotion? JNCO very good chance, SNCOs......

    Can tranfer between wings if requested.

    rambling over, no doubt others will add on.

    Me, I reckon it's possibly the best thing I've done in the TA, you more or less know what you're going to bedoing in a fortnights time, definately no radiator hugging, lots of like minded individuals & a good team spirit (2ic excepted)

    If it was a serious approach all I can say is go for it.
  13. Have you had a word with your OC?, maybe he'd like to know the reasons why your bored. You seem to have had a lot of Gucci camps so I reckon you owe that at least to your unit.

    Have you any experience of working with your units recruit training team? That'd look good when applying to join 15 Bde RTC
  14. Cpl, last time I was there. Nice fella, knew his stuff.
  15. The formation of the RTC is pucca and all units have had to provide suitably qualified personnel. A lot of these will be the RRTT staff as units hand over recruit training to RTC. Yes it is a challenging and potentially beneficial posting which is intended to be a fixed term post away from your unit followed by a return.

    The commitment will be higher than most unit posts and obviously travel to Ripon / York is required. If it sounds right for you then do it, or leave it 2-3 years; there will still be a requirement to run the RTC once the initial tranche of instructors have completed their postings and the pickings for instructors in 3 years time is likely to be considerably slimmer than it is now.