The Right Horrible Andrew Mitchell MP

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. Seeing a photo somewhere recently of this prat (Tory Chief Whip A Mitchell) being berated by some old Doris for not wearing a regimental tie on a previous Remembrance Day got me thinking. Firstly, I had no idea he had served. Secondly, I felt the need to explore this fact a bit....

    He is credited, if that's the right word, with having joined the Peoples Cav. But it all seems a bit woolly after that. This is what Wikipedia has to say, having first referred to him as a 'former UN peacekeeper':

    ''In February 1975, he was commissioned into the Royal Tank Regiment, serving in Cyprus during the 1970s. His commission was terminated in October 1975. He then transferred to the General List of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve and was given seniority in his rank from 10 March 1975............ He resigned his British Army commission on 9 February 1977 after serving in the Royal Tank Regiment for eight months on a Short Service Commission.''

    Hmmm? 'His commission was terminated after eight months'. Very interesting - does anyone know why? I'm not sure I've ever heard of the end of a career being phrased thus. What does it mean: Sacked? Asked to resign? Medical Discharge?

    What was he doing on the General List of the T&AVR? Do they mean the RARO? It just doesn't add up.

    His biography on his own web page just says : 'Andrew served in the Army (Royal Tank Regiment)'

    The BBC Profile of him says: 'Before going to university, Mr Mitchell served in the Royal Tank Regiment and as a UN peacekeeper in Cyprus.' and 'He is a former soldier who served as a UN peacekeeper in Cyprus in the 1970s'

    Which brings me back to his glittering 8 month career - given that a UN tour of Cyprus was about 6 months long after all the shouting, he really can't have done much else!
  2. Perhaps he upset to many 'plebs' in green?
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  3. Ah! In answer to my own question: It would appear that he was infact granted a Short Service Limited Commission (SSLC) or Short Service Limited Capability as we called them, given some of the chods that wafted in through our Mess doors in the '80s.

    Andrew Mitchell: 'Margaret Thatcher was a goddess'
    Rob Wilson talks to chief whip Andrew Mitchell about his army career, early days... From Rugby, Mitchell moved to the Royal Tank Regiment. As a Short Service Limited Commission officer, he was posted abroad at just 19 years old. After one month’s training at Sandhurst and a month at a regimental depot in Dorset, he was shipped off to Cyprus, where he was part of the UN Peacekeeping force responsible for the de facto partition of the island.

    If I were him, which thank the Lord I'm not Sir, I'd have been tempted to keep my 'army career' slightly closer to my chest!
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  4. Think it may have been a SSLC, and he was with 1RTR.
  5. He had an SSLC prior to university. (3 weeks at RMAS up to 12 months, typically between school and university) Same as Rory Stewart.

  6. Same for Mark Urban, but I can not remember whether he was 1 or 2. It used to amuse me when I first moved to Geneva to see Urban' s pieces in Armor magazine, accompanied by a pic of him in uniform.
  7. Mark Urban was 4 RTR, his nickname was Sid Vicious.
  8. I can see that. He looked a bit like him then, didn' t he.
  9. Mitchell still seems to be dodging the sack, supported by Cameron (and a hopeless Miliband) today. Obviously Tory policy to allow "senior" staff to abuse the police while they're doing their duty. And publicly undermine the police , to boot. Apparently other people must resign for less, and have the decency to resign for less. Just not spineless disingenuous tired and emotional Chief Whips who swear at the police.
  10. Why? He served on SSLC, as have many others. What's there to be ashamed of in that?
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  11. He obviously studied at the Tony Blair School of Morals. ;-)

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Given that the Police Federation recently paraded their Greggs close protection squad as rent a heckle, tried to publicly humiliate a Minister of State and played politics with the suicide of one of their own, it's really hard to see how they could be undermined further.

    Unless the PM was being guarded by the Duke of Norfolk, 'pleb' was not an inaccurate description. Possibly not a very pleasant word but from the same stable as 'toff', so presumably acceptable since that description of CMD and Gideon causes no waves at all.
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  13. I know TA soldiers who spent longer in the Naafi queue than this bluffer!

    He clearly used the system to get through university, with some lovely Army pay to help him along. Then fucked off as soon as he could.

    That spells '******' to me!

    He should be ashamed for not paying back in 'service', for the help in getting him through uni.

    8 months service..........FFS!!!!!
  14. Nothing to do with getting through university on the back of the Army.

    It was and (I wish it still existed) always was a means by which we gave young men and women a touch of the Army so they would look fondly on it when they became... erm senior politicians, massively succesful authors and other such minor celebs like MPs. (qv Mitchell, Urban and Stewart). However, maybe it didn't work with Stewart, he described one particular Officers' Mess as an "intellectual vacuum" - not wholly inaccurate, but still slightly rude.
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  15. Oh yes, and the last but one Governor of Hong Kong.