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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by techitch, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Hi there i am shortly to join the army. The Rifles are at the top of my list to join. I am from the south east(london) and want to be with lads from similar areas. I also want to go on serious operations in the first couple of years as i would hate to be in a regiment which had just come back from iraq/afghanistan and not going again soon. With these factors in mind would the rifles be a good regiment to join? Thanks for any help u can offer.
  2. Despite not having been AI myself, some of the best blokes around are in 5 RIFLES. They're always up to something! :winkrazz:

  3. Rifles all the way - you can guarantee that at least one of the battalions will be "on tour" over the next few years.

    Where in London are you from?
  4. Rifles all the way?? are you a spam??
  5. You're a bit of a mouthy cunt for someone who's just turned up.
  6. What qualifys to be a mouthy ****? for someone with lots of medals (ha) you dont seem to look around this site do you? if someone at your unit said (unit) all the way , what would you say to that? to be honest , i dont even know why im bothering answering this. its fuckin bobbins!
  7. then why not just fuck off?

  8. White-rolos you realy are a mouthy cnut arn't you, whats your story then hero if you feel feel you can slag people off who are a damn site better than you?
  9. White rolo u sound like a little kid whos tryin to be funny like some people are on this site. Well u aint mate u sound like proper ****.
  10. White Rolo - instant oxygen thief!
  11. I went to the dining out of the RGJ at Milton Keynes TAC. I was an MPSI there before I was MDed. Anyway, a great meal and great company. Onwards and upwards the Rifles and all the best to those lads on tours.