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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The_51, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. As said in a previous thread (, I've been 'out of the system' for a while but now need to get my arrse in gear and sort out PO attachments etc. I want to join the Reg/Bn that I best fit into and a visit is the best way to establish this but obviously I cannot visit the whole div! With this in mind I was hoping to get a few thoughts on the 'character' of the different Regs (I guess now Bns of The Rifles!) so as to get an idea of where would be best to head for a visit etc.

    I presume that on speaking to the Recruiting Officer, he would no doubt direct me towards the most likely place of 'best fit' however I do not want to be in the postion of "So then Mr The_51, where do you think you would like to visit!?". In addition, I feel that a better understanding of all the Bns would help expand the mind of a PO which can be no bad thing.

    I have trawled the web etc to see what comes up but all I have really so far is that the Gloucesters are quite good at boxing and 1LI good at football!

    Any thoughts, contributions would be very much appreciated!
  2. Dunno if this is the sort of thing you're after, but I found it quite interesting, plus it gave a fair bit more info than the Official RGJ site:

    RGJ Wiki Entry

    Hopefully this gives some helpful info and idea about the Jackets atleast

  3. Thanks for the attempt Helios but not really what I was hoping for. I'm good for histories and the operational side of things but its more the in-barracks life that I am unsure of. Unfortunately, this is the less well covered side of life and so the one where my knowledge is found wanting. I appreciate that this thread has only been running for a short time but I know there are lots of Light Div guys on here (eg the drill thread) so any help would really be very much appreciated.
  4. Ok, a general lack of response which I presume could be due to this being either a bone thread or a well-trodden and now boring topic which is fair enough. However, I am genuine so thought that if I proposed my thoughts on the matter then maybe the experience of Arrse could comment on them! If these are in your opinion wrong then please offer constructive criticism. I have searched the site and the following is essentially a balance of what has been said.

    The Light Div are generally an excellent group of people. The Light Div march at a quicker pace and inject the same ‘quickness’ into everything they do – low on BS, just get on with the job and get it done quickly, efficiently and professionally – exactly the elements that are particularly attracting me.

    The RGJ soldiers tend to come more from the cities, LI more from the country, and the Officers generally follow suit.

    RGJ Officers are reputed to be ‘wanabee Guards’ and take themselves very seriously socially – this is reflected in the type of officer they accept. However, they’re very good on ‘career management’ and have a large number of freemasons. There is a very close relationship between soldier and officer, borne out of the 'thinking and cocky' soldiers they attract. Essentially, some RGJ can be up their own arrses and those that are will soon be left behind by the more capable whatever the background...but they do look after their own.

    The LI are basically more down to earth than the RGJ but do seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulders because they are not RGJ. Essentially the LI are less sexy but are acquitting themselves well. Good press for Telic.

    The DDLI – just a very, very good regiment but may be stiff competition following the merger.

    I noticed a point that from a leadership point of view the more relaxed atmosphere can make it challenging for a YO to manage the closer relationship / get the job done balance?

    As said above, I am not looking to ‘pick’ regiments as I would not presume that far ahead – I still have RCB to pass! However, I do have limited time before I (hopefully) enter Sandhurst and might only have time for 1 good visit / attachment so want to make it the most useful experience. Also, again as said before, it cannot hurt a PO of any regiment to know more about them particularly the other component parts of a now larger regiment.

    Thank you and any thoughts welcome (but please keep it serious – I know that won’t happen!)

    P.S. Apologies if you recognise your comments above – I have cut & pasted in some cases and have not cited! Please no lawsuits for plagiarism!
  5. 51 - if I were you, I'd stop the endless over-analysing and just decide whether you want to be an Infanteer, or something else, and just pick 3 Regiments that take your fancy, for whatever reason.

    They're all pretty much of a muchness, but if you're that hung up on the social angle, I suggest you look at your local Regiment (where you will clearly 'fit in') or go for something utterly inclusive, like the Parachute Regiment.

    There is something for everyone in the Army, but you won't find out about it on here - all you'll get is pointless rubbish from people with even bigger chips on their shoulders. Use the time before RCB wisely and go on as many visits as possible.

    Time spent in recce is seldom wasted.
  6. Completely agree D_D but as said time is not a commodity that I have. I was not aware that there was a great deal of time at Sandhurst for visits etc? If this is not the case then someone please correct me and that will be problem over and I can jog on!

    Although you do get a lot of rubbish on here, it is usually quite even (unless against Paras!) and by looking at it objectively you can gain useful insight.

    However do agree on the over-analysing bit but in my defence, as I have said I have been out of the system for a while and am a bit nervous about getting back in touch. I am desperate to crack on with things but I want to be fully prepped so I don't make an arrse of myself. Plus of course I have RCB coming up and nervous people tend to ask lots of questions!

    Edited to add - the RGJ are my local reg but more attracted by LI. Wanted to here a few thoughts on the myths before finding out first hand - forewarned is forearmed!
  7. Even a cursory skim through 'The Officers' Mess' would give you an idea, but all the Arms and Services put on an all singing and dancing propaganda day while you're at RMAS. None of what they show and tell you is in any way related to the Real World, but even so, you will be able to get a good handle on who else is going for that particular Regiment, and as with so much in life, it's the people that make it happen, so look at who else wants to join that mob as well.

    You get the idea, I'm shure.

    Good luck, by the way. ;)
  8. Thanks D_D on both counts. I'll just crack on with it!
  9. I agree with Darth.

    Stop analysing and choose something. Just make sure it's RGJ.

    I mean, who wants to be an ARFUR?
  10. Agreed, more or less. The LI tend to be a fair bit more drill/turnout oriented than the RGJ, 1LI in Tidworth in the early 80's were like something out of National Service! RGJ officers do not come from any one area in particular to the best of my knowledge.

    Absolute Balls! Green Jacket officers know that they are in the finest Regiment in the Army and would consider this statement ridiculous, you clearly have no idea just how prestigious it is to be a Rifles officer. I'd suggest that there are far more failed Green Jackets in the Guards than the other way round. I know of one excellent guy who had to transfer to the Grenadiers because he couldn't get a regular commission in the RGJ, fact!! It's all about brains, not breeding. The Guards, bless them, are regarded as the very opposite of what the Green Jackets are all about. (though still very good for all that in fairness)


    Where on earth do you get your information? In 24yrs in the Regiment I never heard of an officer being a freemason and have only known one WO who was. More balls!



    More or less correct, where do you get the idea that the LI are more "down to earth" than the RGJ, in what way pray tell?


    True, but if you can't manage it you shouldn't be there. I suggest you read Jackets of Green by Arthur Bryant, it'll give you some insight into the "Green Jacket way", and if you can get hold of it, a short pamphlet called "Leadership the Green Jacket Way" by the then Lt-Col Edwin Bramall (later Fd. Marshall Lord Bramall CDS) You'll realise that this is not just some other Infantry mob but one with a distinct ethos and mind-set.
  11. Thank you for the feedback Jaeger!

    In response to a few points, I do have a very good idea of the high calibre of RGJ officers - that is why I want to be in that neck of the woods! As I said in the beginning, the thoughts that I put forward were a summary of those that I found when searching Arrse. I agreed with some and disagreed with some but not having much experience I decide to included all so as to get a 'second opinion' as it were. The various ideas are quite easy to look up should you wish to. Unfortunately, the only question that I can respond to is the one that I have already addressed but cannot back-up / support the other ideas as they were not mine - they were simply put forward for either agreement or disagreement to aid learning.

    That links nicely to a thank you for recommending those books - I will get on to them straight away!

    Thanks again for the feedback, precisely the kind of thing I was looking for!
  12. Choice of regiment is influenced by many things not the least of which is if you feel you would fit in with your fellow officers as you will be spending a lot of time living with them many dont go to the Guards Div or Cav because they would not be able to keep up with or fit in with their fellow officers or some of their interests (without being too cliched - do you ride? Polo anyone?).

    Perhaps as and when you get to the factory you should spend some time with the other people who want to go to the Light Div and then if you feel you have something in common with them, intellectually and socially.

    Yes the RGJ seniors and juniors can be challenging to command but unless you are pushed, how can you expect to improve and be the best you can be? If that is a worry, choose another cap badge where that will not be so much of an issue in the meantime worry more about even getting through RCB and less about who you want to go to. People change their minds during training percisely beacuse of the reasons I have stated.
  14. Good idea - not thought of that angle before.

    Not a worry at at all! Well up for the challenge and very attracted by it. However, as said before I had read this on another post and wanted some guidance as to whether or not it was true as it is an important aspect of say, those particular regiments.

    Very focused on RCB thank you but keen to get the ball rolling as well - concurrent activity and all that!
  15. I think you've got the general idea that you have to be able to fit in, You think like them they think like you - popularity isn't that important at first if you are all like minded then you will get on with most of your contemporaries and some of them will become lifelong friends. I haven't served with my Regiment for some years but whenever a POs visit took place the vote that really counted was that of the living in members of the Officers' Mess. COR interview came after that - luckily he set great store by the opinion of the livers in. By that time also the candidate probably had a good idea anyway if he would fit in. Most of our guys are friends of friends or had been lost souls at the Academy and talent spotted by Regimental instructors (invariably the CSgts/WOs) and referred to us. It's really important both for you and your soldiers that you believe you are going to be happy in your chosen regiment or more accurately the regiment that chooses you.