The Rifles

I could give you a senisbile answer.........

Or just watch the replies get better :)
Go one give him/her/troll the benefit of your vast experience of working within other Regts/Corps, (presumably within your "Day job") or at least what you have been told about the differences. :thumright:
When I was a Junior in the RGJ all the older lot had long hair, bushy moustaches, did not know how to tuck up the bottom of their smocks and wore berets many sizes too small "painted" onto their heads with the cap badge over the left ear and they did not use the word "Sir".

I found my old beret a few months back and its a 54, but I am a 59. Its shaped like a cows turd but still looks ally as feck!

Oh..and we "trailled" our rifles rather than carry them on out shoulders ;)

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